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Luxury sales force management : strategies for winning over your brand ambassadors
Éditeur Palgrave Macmillan
Année 2014
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Luxury sales force management : strategies for winning over your brand ambassadors
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Luxury sales force management strategies for winning over your brand ambassadors impr. 2014, cop. 2014
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1. How brand relationships influence daily business operations 2. How relationships between salespeople and brands become emotional 3. How top management can win salespeople's heart ; the four strategies 4. How brands can make frontline salespeople's heart beat 5. Top 10 'heart-winners' through brand perception 6. How brands can benefit from strong sales force ; brand relationships 7. Why retailers should establish strong relationships between salespeople and private brands 8. How salesperson characteristics influence their relationships with brands 9. Do managers think like salespeople? 10. Sales force ; brand relationships: a given phenomenon or a building process? 11. Implications for brands and retailers
The sales team can often make or break the success of new brands or products. This comprehensive guide provides strategies, models and checklists to help managers and directors strengthen the relationships of their firm's sales force with their own or other brands, maximizing turnover and profit in the long run. Sales teams can often make or break the success of a new luxury brand or product. As competition between retailers and brands grows, it becomes increasingly important to stimulate the sales team's motivation for higher sales performance and stronger commitment to their own organization. It is the most influential communication vehicle for launching a new product or brand and should therefore be considered even prior to consumers. In Luxury Sales Force Management, Michaela Merk examines the strategies that allow managers from luxury organizations to win their sales team's hearts and minds, enabling higher sales performance. Based on new research into luxury sales teams worldwide, Merk explores how salespeople's relationships with brands they sell emerge, how they can be characterized and what top management should do to strengthen these in order to use the sales force-brand relationship as a strategic tool. Merk shows that these relationships have the power to increase salespeople's selling motivation, their commitment to both the organization and its brands, and ultimately the success of the company
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