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When democracies deliver : governance reform in Latin America
Éditeur Cambridge University Press
Année copyright 2019
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When democracies deliver : governance reform in Latin America
1 vol. (X-226 p.) ; 24 cm
Classification Dewey
1. Introduction: The Varied Advances in Quality of Governance ; 2. The Merits of Problem Solving over Powering ; 3. An Explanation of Reform Type ; 4. Transportation in Argentina: Powering (Re-)Creates Crisis ; 5. Transportation in Brazil: Powering Curtailed, Problem Solving Inches Forward ; 6. Health in Argentina: Impeded Powering Fosters Problem Solving ; 7. Health in Brazil: Problem-Solving Success ; 8. Theoretical Conclusions and Comparative Perspectives
La quatrième de couverture mentionne "Why do governance reforms in developing democracies so often fail, and when might they succeed? When Democracies Deliver offers a dynamic framework for assessing the effectiveness and durability of policy change. Drawing on detailed analyses of public sector reforms in Brazil and Argentina, this book challenges conventional wisdom to reveal that incremental changes sequenced over time prove more effective in promoting accountability, increasing transparency, and strengthening institutions than comprehensive overhauls pushed through by political will. Developing an innovative theory that integrates cognitive-psychological insights about decision making with research on institutional change, Katherine Bersch shows how political and organizational factors can shape reform strategies and information processing. Through extensive interviews and field research, Bersch traces how two competing strategies have determined the different trajectories of institutions responsible for government contracting in health care and transportation. When Democracies Deliver offers a fresh insight on the perils of powering and the benefits of gradual reform"--
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