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Management tips : From Harvard Business Review
Éditeur Harvard Business Review Press
Année 2017
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Management tips : From Harvard Business Review
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Intro; Contents; About the Book; Managing Yourself; 01 Create a New Leadership Vision; 02 Pretend You Have What You Want; 03 Take Ownership; 04 Take Responsibility for Your Growth; 05 Increase Your Desire to Learn; 06 Give Yourself a Leadership Workup; 07 Work on Your Backhand; 08 Shed Your Excessive Need to Be You; 09 Be Open to Criticism; 10 Listen Better; 11 Schedule Regular Meetings with Yourself; 12 Managing Your Energy; 13 Decrease Your Technology Dependence; 14 Capture Big Ideas in Simple Ways; 15 Combine Creativity and Results; 16 Get Creative by Zoning Out ; 17 Make Masterful Decisions18 Trust in Your Decision-Making Skills; 19 Find Extra Time; 20 Manage with Minimum Time; 21 Increase Your Productivity; 22 Get Through Your To-Do List; 23 Prioritize Value over Volume; 24 Develop a Growth Mind-set; 25 Achieve Short-Term Goals; 26 Give Up Control; 27 Avoid Micromanaging Yourself; 28 How to Beat Burnout; 29 Manage Stress by Facing It; 30 Stop Working and Have Fun; 31 Take a Mini Break; 32 Don't Let Strengths Be Weaknesses; 33 Change Your Behavior; 34 Fire Yourself; 35 Cultivate Your Proactive Brain; 36 Decipher and Achieve Success ; 37 Schedule Time for Second-Guessing38 Be Confident, but Not Really Sure; 39 Recover from a Mistake; 40 Identify Your Unique Skills; 41 Become a Thought Leader; 42 Focus on Your Distinctive Skills; 43 Remove Your Mental Barriers; 44 Sell Yourself-the Right Way; 45 Perfect Your Personal Elevator Pitch; 46 Develop a Leadership Brand; 47 How to Craft the Job You Want; 48 Ask for a Raise; 49 Control Promotion Anxiety; 50 Become One of Tomorrow's Top Leaders; Managing Your Team; 01 Become an Inspirational Leader; 02 Become a Creative Leader; 03 Lead Confidently; 04 Master the Fundamentals ; 05 Keep It Simple06 Avoid the Tendencies of Bad Bosses; 07 Don't Be a Martyr; 08 Be a Both/And Leader; 09 Give Your People What They Need; 10 Improve Your Team's Performance; 11 Support Your People; 12 Bring Out Their Best; 13 Pat Employees on the Back; 14 Let Your Employees Fail; 15 Make a Mistake or Two; 16 Forgive but Don't Forget; 17 Have Your Employees' Backs; 18 Avoid the Unilateral-Thinking Trap; 19 Embrace Diversity Tension; 20 Develop a Culture of Trust; 21 Resolve Conflicts; 22 Motivate Employees Set in Their Ways; 23 Drive Real Change; 24 Assess Behaviors, Not Just Results ; 25 Give Better Feedback26 Don't Just Communicate, Explain; 27 Master the Art of Being Assertive; 28 Create a Mentoring Culture; 29 Empower Your Employees; 30 Focus Your People on What They're Best At; 31 Identify Hidden Talents; 32 Use Action Learning; 33 Participate in Their Stories; 34 Manage Your Smartest People; 35 Leverage Your Best People; 36 Give Feedback to High Performers; 37 Give the Gift of Time and Space; 38 Don't Forget to Manage; 39 Inspire Your Team; 40 Engage Your Team; 41 Trust Your Team; 42 Give the Right Directions; 43 Take the Extreme Question Challenge; 44 Don't Cry Wolf
As a manager, you're shouldering more and more responsibilities-from maximizing your team's performance to increasing your company's market share to building profitable customer relationships. On top of all that, you need to orchestrate your own time and keep your career on track. The challenges are stacking up-but you've got less and less time to figure out how to tackle them. How are you supposed to resolve this dilemma? Happily, help is on the way: the new Management Tips from the Harvard Business Review . This concise, handy guide is packed with quick tips on a broad range of topics, organized into three major skills every manager must master: • Managing yourself • Managing your team • Managing your business Drawing from HBR's popular Management Tip of the Day , the book puts the best management practices and insights, from top thinkers in the field, right at your fingertips. Pick it up any time you have a few minutes to spare, and you'll have a fresh, powerful idea you can immediately put into action. You may not be able to do much about being time-starved. But with Management Tips from the Harvard Business Review as your guide, you'll stand the best chance of succeeding in your role as a manager
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