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Politics, protest and young people : political participation and dissent in 21st Century Britain
Éditeur Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.
Année 2019
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Politics, protest and young people : political participation and dissent in 21st Century Britain
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Politics, Protest and Young People: Political Participation and Dissent in 21st Century Britain
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Classification Dewey
P. 1 ; 1 Introduction: From ‘Apathetic Youth’ to DIO Politics and the ‘Youthquake’ ; Part I. Terminology, Concepts and Debates in Young People’s Political Participation. ; P. 27 ; 2 Young People, Youth and generations ; P. 57 ; 3. Defining and Measuring Political Participation and Young People ; P. 89 ; 4 The Political Life Cycle, Period Effect, Generational. Effects and the ‘Youth Vote’. ; P. 123 ; 5. Young People, Citizenship and Citizenship Education ; Part II. Young People, Political Parties and Electoral Participation ; P. 157 ; 6 Political Parties, Political Leaders, Youth Policies and Young People ; P. 195 ; 7. Youth Wings and Student Wings of Political Parties. ; P. 235 ; 8. Young People, Voter Registration, Voting, Elections and Referendums ; P. 273 ; 9. Young People, the Voting Age and Votes at 16 ; P. 311 ; 10. Young People and the 2017 General Election: ‘The Youthquake’ ; Part III. Young People and Non-electoral Political participation ; P. 353 ; 11. Trade Unions, Unionism and Young People ; P. 375 ; 12. Young People and DIO Politics: Do-It-Ourselves Political Participation ; P. 407 ; 13. Young People, Protest and Dissent ; P. 445 ; .14 Criminalisation and Repression of Young People’s Political Protest ; P. 467 ; 15. Conclusions ; Index
"Sarah Pickard offers a detailed and wide-ranging assessment of electoral and non-electoral political participation of young people in contemporary Britain, drawing on perspectives and insights from youth studies, political science and political sociology. This comprehensive book enquires into the approaches used by the social sciences to understand young people’s politics and documents youth-led evolutions in political behaviour. After unpicking key concepts including ‘political participation,’ ‘generations,’ the ‘political life-cycle,’ and the ‘youth vote,’ Pickard draws on a combination of quantitative and qualitative research to trace the dynamics operating in electoral political participation since the 1960s. This includes the relationship between political parties, politicians and young people, youth and student wings of political parties, electoral behaviour and the lowering of the voting age to 16. Pickard goes on to discuss personalised engagement through what she calls young people’s (DIO) Do-It-Ourselves political participation in online and offline connected collectives. The book then explores young people’s political dissent as part of a global youth-led wave of protest. This holistic book will appeal to anyone with an interest in young people, politics, protest and political change." [editeur]
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