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Philosophical thought in Russia in the second half of the twentieth century : a contemporary view from Russia and abroad
Éditeur Bloomsbury Academic
Année copyright 2019
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Philosophical thought in Russia in the second half of the twentieth century : a contemporary view from Russia and abroad
1 volume (XI-427 pages) ; 24 cm
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Philosophical thought in Russia in the 2nd half of the 20th century
Classification Dewey
Philosophy in Soviet Russia : a brief overview / Marina F. Bykova and Vladislav A. Lektorsky ; The Russian philosophy of the second half of the twentieth century as a sociocultural phenomenon / Vladislav A. Lektorsky ; Main configurations of Russian thought in the post-Stalin epoch / Mikhail N. Epstein ; Punks versus zombies : Evald Ilyenkov and the battle for Soviet philosophy / David Bakhurst ; On Soviet philosophy : a philosophical reflection / Karen A. Swassjan ; The philosophy of the Russian sixtiers in the humanist context : a philosophical reflection / Abdusalam A. Guseynov ; Philosophy from the period of "thaw" to the period of "stagnation" : a philosophical reflection / Vadim M. Mezhuyev ; The Russian philosophy of science in the second half of the twentieth century / Vyacheslav S. Stepin ; Systemic analysis of science : ideas of equifinality and anthropo-measurement / Alexander P. Ogurtsov ; Soviet philosophy and the methodology of science in the 1960s-1980s : from ideology to science : a philosophical reflection / Boris I. Pruzhinin ; Spinoza in western and Soviet philosophy : new perspectives after postmodernism / Vesa Oittinen ; On the reception of German idealism / Marina E Bykova ; Ilyenkov's Hegelian Marxism and Marxian constructivism / Tom Rockmore ; The western reception of Alexei Losev's philosophical thought / M aryse Dennes ; The activity approach in Soviet philosophy and contemporary cognitive studies / Vladislav A. Lektorsky ; The activity theory in Soviet philosophy and psychology in the 1960s-1980s / Petr G. Shchedrovitsky ; Activity and the formation of reason / David Bakhurst ; Georgy Shchedrovitsky's concept of activity and thought-activity / Vadim M. Rozin ; Between "voice" and 'code" : encounters and clashes in the communication space / Natalia S. Avtonomova ; A belated conversation / Vitaly L. Makhlin ; From historical materialism to the theory of culture : the philosophy of Mikhail Bakhtin as a cultural phenomenon / Maja E. Soboleva ; On the role of the communication topic in the discussions of the 1980s-1990s : a philosophical reflection / Vtktor A. Malakhov ; Human ontology : on discussion in Soviet philosophy in the late twentieth century / Alexander A. Khamidov ; On the problem of morality in Soviet-era philosophy / Yuri V. Pushchaev ; The individual and the problem of responsibility : Merab Mamardashvili and Alexander Zinoviev / Daniela Steila ; Alexander Zinoviev's teaching on life / Abdusalam A. Guseynov
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