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Social rights jurisprudence : emerging trends in international and comparative law
Éditeur Cambridge University Press
Année 2012
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Social rights jurisprudence : emerging trends in international and comparative law
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Social rights jurisprudence emerging trends in international and comparative law 2008
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The justiciability of social rights : from practice to theory / Malcolm Langford ; -- The challenges of crafting remedies for violations of socio-economic rights / Kent Roach ; -- The right to legal aid in social rights litigation / Andrea Durbach ; -- South Africa / Sandra Liebenberg ; -- India / S. Muralidhar ; -- South Asia / Iain Byrne and Sara Hossain ; -- Colombia / Magdalena Sepúlveda ; -- Argentina / Christian Courtis ; -- Brazil / Flavia Piovesan ; -- Venezuela / Enrique Gonzalez ; -- Canada / Martha Jackman and Bruce Porter ; -- The United States / Cathy Albisa and Jessica Schultz ; -- Hungary / Malcolm Langford ; -- France / Laurent Pech ; -- United Kingdom / Jeff A. King ; -- Ireland / Aoife Nolan ; -- African regional human rights system / Danwood Mzikenge Chirwa ; -- The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights / Tara J. Melish ; -- The Inter-American Court of Human Rights / Tara J. Melish ; -- European Court of Human Rights / Luke Clements and Alan Simmons ; -- The European Committee of Social Rights / Urfan Kkhaliq and Robin Churchill ; -- European Court of Justice / Philippa Watson ; -- Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights / Malcolm Langford and Jeff A. King ; -- Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination / Nathalie Prouvez ; -- Human Rights Committee / Martin Scheinin ; -- Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women / Leilani Farha ; -- Committee on the Rights of the Child / Geraldine van Bueren ; -- The International Labour Organisation / Colin Fenwick ; -- Liability of multinational corporations / Sarah Joseph ; -- The World Bank inspection panel / Dana Clark.
La 4e de couverture indique : "In the space of two decades, social rights have emerged from the shadows and margins of human rights jurisprudence. The authors in this book provide a critical analysis of almost two thousand judgments and decisions from twenty-nine national and international jurisdictions. The breadth of the decisions is vast, from the resettlement of evictees to the regulation of private medical plans to the development of state programs to address poverty and illiteracy. The jurisprudence not only implicates our understanding of economic, social, and cultural rights, but also challenges the philosophical debates that question whether these rights can and should be justiciable."
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