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Swiss public administration : making the State work successfully
Éditeur Palgrave MacMillan
Année 2019
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Swiss public administration : making the State work successfully
1 vol. (XXIX-384 pages) ; 21 cm
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Part 1: General aspects ; Society, government, and the political system / Ladner, Andreas ; The organization and provision of public services / Ladner, Andreas ; The characteristics of public administration in Switzerland / Ladner, Andreas ; Part 2 : The legal system : Law and Courts ; The law and the principle of legality / Weerts, Sophie ; The pre-parliamentary phase in lawmaking: the power issues at stake / Guy-Ecabert, Christine ; The Federal Administration as an actor in the domestic integration of international law / Weerts, Sophie (et al.) ; Soft law instruments in public law / Flückiger, Alexandre ; Judicial federalism and constitutional review in the Swiss judiciary / Mahon, Pascal ; Part 3 : The management of tasks ans services ; The new model of Swiss public management / Chappelet, Jean-Loup ; The road to digital and smart government in Switzerland / Mettler, Tobias ; Public-Private partnerships: a Swiss perspective / Athias, Laure (et al.) ; In-depth modernization of HRM in the public sector: the Swiss way / Emery, Yves ; Communication and transparency / Pasquier, Martial ; Part 4 :Fiscal and financial management ; Financial management system, legislation and stakeholders / Soguel, Nils ; The Swiss way of presenting the governments’ financial statements / Soguel, Nils ; Tax power and tax competition / Soguel, Nils ; Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers and Equalization / Soguel, Nils ; Part 5 : The mamangement of public policies ; Social Security policy / Bonoli, Giuliano ; Health policy / Trein, Philipp ; Policy networks and the roles of public administrations / Varone, Frédéric (et al.) ; Factors contributing to the strong institutionalization of policy evaluation in Switzerland / Horber-Papazian, Katia (et al.)
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