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Communication in the age of Trump
Éditeur Peter Lang
Année copyright 2018
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Communication in the age of Trump
1 vol. (x-352 p.) : ill. ; 23 cm
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Introduction / Arthur S. Hayes ; Part 1: Blurred lines: when reality TV becomes political reality ; American idol : Trump's administration and reality TV / June Deery ; Young viewers turned voters : how "wishing to be Trump" and other parasocial effects from watching The apprentice predict likeability, trust, and support for a celebrity president / Sara S. Hansen and Shu-Yueh Lee ; Part II: Campain and presidential rhetoric ; Donald Trump "tells you want he thinks" / Mirjana Sotirovic and Christopher Benson ; "Enemies of the people" : elites, attacks, and news trust in the era of Trump / Jason Turcotte ; Part III: Assessing news media performance ; American media and the rise of Trump / Victor Pickard ; From Fow news to fake news: an anatomy of the Top 20 fake news stories on Facebook before the 2016 election / Mitchell T. Bard ; "We've got mail (but probably shouldn't) : the press, WikiLeaks and Democratic disclosures in the 2016 election / Laurel Leff ; The media was the message : gendered coverage of Hillary Clinton's historic 2016 campaign for U.S. president / Dianne Bystrom and Kimberly Nelson ; Goodbye neighbor : Mexican news coverage of the wall and U.S. immigration proposals / Melissa A. Johnson and Héctor Rendón ; A "political novice" vs. the "queen of war" : how state-sponsored media framed the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign / Nataliya Roman and John H. Parmelee ; "Judicious skepticism" fact-checking Trump / Beth Knobel ; Trump, the press critic : unethical and ineffective / Arthur S. Hayes ; Part IV: Why Twitter and Facebook may never be the same ; Tweeting the election : comparative uses of Twitter by Trump and Clinton in the 2016 election / Flora Khoo and William Brown ; The commander in tweets : President Trump's use of Twitter to defend / Jeffrey Delbert ; Are algorithms media ethics watchdogs? : an examination of social media data for news / Tao Fu and William A. Babcock ; Emerging free speech and social media law and policy in the age of Trump / Arthur S. Hayes.
"Franklin Delano Roosevelt used radio fireside chats to connect with millions of ordinary Americans. The highly articulate and telegenic John F. Kennedy was dubbed the first TV president. Ronald Reagan, the so-called Great Communicator, had a conversational way of speaking to the common man. Bill Clinton left his mark on media industries by championing and signing the landmark Telecommunications Act of 1996 into law. Barack Obama was the first social media presidential campaigner and president. And now there is President Donald J. Trump. Because so much of what has made Donald Trump’s candidacy and presidency unconventional has been about communication—how he has used Twitter to convey his political messages and how the news media and voters have interpreted and responded to his public words and persona—21 communication and media scholars examine the Trump phenomenon in Communication in the Age of Trump. This collection of essays and studies, suitable for communication and political science students and scholars, covers the 2016 presidential campaign and the first year of the Trump presidency" (ed.)
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