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Brexit and internal security : political and legal concerns on the future UK-EU relationship
Éditeur Palgrave Macmillan
Année copyright 2019
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Brexit and internal security : political and legal concerns on the future UK-EU relationship
1 vol. (XVII-181 p.) ; 22 cm
Bibliogr. p. 149-174. Index
Classification Dewey
355.033 041
Introduction ; The current UK-EU internal security arrangements ; The consequences of Brexit for the UK and for the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice ; Emerging EU and UK negotiation positions ; Political and legal considerations regarding the negotiation of the future UK-EU security relationship ; Sectoral views on Brexit and future UK-EU internal security relations ; Sectoral views on police and judicial cooperation ; Sectoral views on migration and border cooperation ; Conclusion - priorities and considerations for the future UK-EU security relationship
La 4e de couv. indique : "This book explores the viability of future UK-EU internal security arrangements in light of Brexit, including their impact on the UK's and the EU's security and international standings. The authors discuss on-going negotiations and address the main political and legal concerns of possible future arrangements. As the UK prepares to leave the EU, the country is faced with having to develop new cooperation models with its neighbours to fight growing transnational security threats, as well as new strategies to maintain its leading role as an international security actor. In exploring these issues, the book aims to contribute to the general knowledge on the risks and opportunities associated with the disentanglement of the UK from European international security cooperation; to shed more light on the debates surrounding the negotiations; and to inform the policy discussions that form the basis of proposed cooperation models and that are likely to significantly shape the future UK-EU security relationship."
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