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The Hyperion omnibus : Hyperion and the fall of Hyperion
Éditeur Gollancz
Année 2004
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The Hyperion omnibus : Hyperion and the fall of Hyperion
1 vol. (779 p.) : couv. ill. en coul. ; 24 cm
Classification Dewey
"Hyperion : lt is the 29th century and the universe of the Human Hegemony is under threat. Invasion by the warlike Ousters looms, and the mysterious schemes of the secessionist AI TechnoCore bring chaos ever closer. On the eve of disaster, with the entire galaxy at war, seven pilgrims set fourth on a final voyage to the legendary Time Tombs on Hyperion, home to the Shrike, a lethal creature, part god and part killing machine, whose powers transcend the limits of time and space. The pilgrims have resolved to die before discovering anything less than the secrets of the universe itself. The fall of Hyperion : The mysterious Time Tombs are opening and the Shrike that has risen from them may well control the fate of all mankind. The Ousters are laying siege to the Hegemony of Man and the AIs we created have turned against us to build the Ultimate Intelligence; God. The God of Machines. His genesis could mean annihilation for man. Something is drawing the Hegemony, the Ousters, the Als, the entire universe to the Shrike. Here is a superb vision of future technology and ancient religions, of scientific revelation and timeless mystery, of transcendent joy and mind-bending horror. Here is a Hugo Award-winning landmark in Science Fiction." [4e de couv.]
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