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The Road to luxury : the evolution, markets, and strategies of luxury brand management
Éditeur Wiley
Année copyright 2015
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The Road to luxury : the evolution, markets, and strategies of luxury brand management
1 vol. (XIV-450 p.) : graph., tabl. ; 24 cm
Bibliogr. p. 427-431. Index
P.xi ; Acknowledgements ; P.xiii ; About the Authors ; P.1 ; Prologue : The Pink Bag ; P.5 ; Chapter 1 : Introduction : Definition and Crisis of Luxury ; P.29 ; Chapter 2 : Evolution of the Global Luxury Market ; P.47 ; Chapter 3 : Who's Who of Luxury ; P.89 ; Chapter 4 : Branding ; P.133 ; Chapter 5 : Brand Identity, Clients, and Ethos ; P.155 ; Chapter 6 : Family Houses, Corporatization, and New Entrants ; P.195 ; Chapter 7 : Management Styles in the Luxury Industry ; P.235 ; Chapter 8 : Skills ; P.265 ; Chapter 9 : Services : The Point of Sale ; P.285 ; Chapter 10 : Systems and Operations in the Luxury Business ; P.307 ; Chapter 11 : Retail, Distribution, and E-Commerce ; P.337 ; Chapter 12 : Intellectual Property Rights and Counterfeiting ; P.367 ; Chapter 13 : Emerging Markets and Emerging Market Luxury Brands ; P.411 ; Chapter 14 : The Future and Questions to Ponder ; P.421 ; Research Design, Methodology, and Data Collections ; P.427 ; Bibliography ; P.433 ; Index
The Road to Luxury explores the fascinating history of luxury goods and explains the evolution of the burgeoning luxury marketplace, to offer a clear understanding of the dynamics of the luxury world. Citing current data and statistics on market trends, Ashok Som and Christian Blanckaert offer insight into the systems and operations, retail, distribution and e-commerce, emerging markets and emerging brands, as well as the different management styles throughout the luxury industry. Filled with examples from household brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Bottega Veneta to name a few, The Road to Luxury considers the skills and craftsmanship required to produce exquisite goods both in terms of economies of scale and economies of scope. To meet the needs of the ever expanding luxury marketplace it is necessary to find the special skill-sets required in craftsmen, who also possess an implicit understanding of the brand DNA; designers who understand and create innovations around the brand DNA; sales staff who translate the story of the brand to the diverse and growing consumer pool across different cultures, nations and continents; and managers who can run the business not as a small and medium sized enterprise but as a global corporation [extrait de la jaquette]
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