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Nature and the Iron Curtain : environmental policy and social movements in communist and capitalist countries, 1945-1990
Éditeur University of Pittsburgh Press
Année copyright 2019
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Nature and the Iron Curtain : environmental policy and social movements in communist and capitalist countries, 1945-1990
1 vol. (VI-312 pages) : cartes ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
Introduction : Environmentalism, environmental policy, capitalism, and communism / Astrid Mignon Kirchhof and J. R. McNeill ; Part I. Communist and capitalist systems revisited: a comparison of their environmental politics ; Building a Soviet eco-power while looking at the capitalist world: the rise of technocratic environmentalism in Russian water controversies, 1957-1989 / Laurent Coumel ; Water pollution and protection in the Lithuanian Soviet Republic / Anolda Cetkauskaite and Simo Laakkonen ; The fallout of Chernobyl: the emergence of an environmental movement in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic / Tetiana Perga ; Keeping the air clean?: environmental policy, utility companies, and social movements in West Germany since the 1970s / Hendrik Ehrhardt ; From Anti-Nuke to Ökopax: 1970s anti-reactor activism and the emergence of West Germany's mass movement for peace / Stephen Milder ; An unguided boom: environmental policies of Cold War Italy / Wilko Graf von Hardenberg ; Nuclear-Free Montana: grassroots environmentalism and Montana's antinuclear initiatives / Brian James Leech ; Part II. The porous Iron Curtain ; Building a socialist environment: Czechoslovak environmental policy from the 1960s to the 1980s / Eagle Glassheim ; Protesting pollution: environmental activism in East Germany and Poland, 1980-1990 / Julia E. Ault ; About environmental policy in socialist Yugoslavia / Hrvoje Petrić ; "It makes no sense to work against nature": Cold War modernization in West German agriculture / Scott Moranda ; Part III. Environmentalism and détente? ; An American miracle in the desert: environmental crisis and nuclear-powered desalination in the Middle East / Jacob Darwin Hamblin ; East Germany's fight for recognition as a sovereign state: environmental diplomacy as strategy in Cold War politics / Astrid Mignon Kirchhof
"Nature and the Iron Curtain contrasts communist and capitalist countries with respect to their environmental politics in the context of the Cold War. Its chapters draw from archives across Europe and the U.S. to present new perspectives on the origins and evolution of modern environmentalism on both sides of the Iron Curtain. The book explores similarities and differences among several nations with different economies and political systems, and highlights connections between environmental movements in Eastern and Western Europe"-- Dust jacket
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