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Tools of war, tools of state : when children become soldiers
Éditeur State University of New York Press
Année copyright 2019
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Tools of war, tools of state : when children become soldiers
1 vol. (xii-266 pages) ; 24 cm
Bibliogr. p. [227]-258. Index
Classification Dewey
Why use children in war? ; A shifting norm ; The spread of a tactic ; A global view of tactical need ; Ground-level dynamics and the case of Sierrra Leone ; Tools of state-building ; Strategies of prevention, compellence and protection
"Despite the supposed taboo against the practice, many governments, rebels, and terrorists use children in war. Boys and girls are spying and killing for political causes. Tools of War, Tools of State: When Children Become Soldiers reveals the complexity of the problem of child soldiers, demonstrating that the modern use of children in war is a tactical innovation. Author Robert Tynes discusses how boys and girls on the battlefield bolster troop size, create moral dilemmas, and deepen the level of fear. As such, children with guns represent another advancement on the modern battlefield. In addition, he reveals how the practice has also become an essential component for fighting groups, such as ISIS and al-Shabaab, in their state-making projects. Tools of War, Tools of State utilizes statistical methods to analyze conflicts from 1987-2007, showing how widespread the use of children in battle is, and discusses the theory that such is tactically advantageous. In addition, historical analysis reveals how child soldiering developed out of Mao's protracted war theory and the militarization of youth during the twentieth century. Included is a case study of the civil war in Sierra Leone which details the brutality involved when children are forced to fight. In sum, Tools of War, Tools of State offers the one of the most comprehensive models to-date for why fighting forces would dare use children in their ranks."--Provided by publisher
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