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Common law and civil law today : convergence and divergence
Éditeur Vernon Press
Année copyright 2018
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Common law and civil law today : convergence and divergence
1 vol. (XIII-488 p) : couv. ill. en coul. ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
PART 1. INTERNATIONAL AND EUROPEAN LAW. International law as a wedge between legal systems / Paul B. Stephan ; Internal law and international law : from common law to civil law / Augusto Sinagra, Anna Lucia Valvo ; Territorial knowledge, sociality and the convergence of international and constitutional law / William E. Conklin ; Convergence and divergence in statutory interpretation / Jeffrey A. Pojanowski ; Common law constitutionalism and popular sovereignty : a matter of public trust / Anne Richardson Oakes ; Legal globalization through the constructivist and poststructuralist lenses / Luka Martin Tomažič ; With or without you : thoughts on Brexit and European private law / Cristina Poncibò ; Are European security policies learning some lessons from the United States on migration and human rights? / Paolo Bargiacchi ; PART 2. THE ROLE OF THE JUDICIAL BODIES. A few thoughts on various legal traditions, forms of civilization and the ICJ / Marko Novaković ; Anglophone and civilian legal cultures : global governance by corporation and state / Joseph P. Garske ; Case-law relevance in the European Union law : the triumph of reason over precedent / Letizia Seminara ; The general principle of "abuse of rights" : its roots in domestic law and impact on investment arbitration / Philipp Janig ; The Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights procedures : on the quest for a more coherent approach in human rights protection / Vesna Ćorić ; The ECHR’s influence on convergence between common law and civil law systems / Brice Dickson ; PART 3. NATIONAL IMPLICATIONS. Common law and civil law approaches to excessive group crimes / Marjolein Cupido ; The concept of fault in the regulation of international responsibility ; reception or rejection of domestic law analogy / Anna Czaplińska ; A mixture of civil and common legal systems? : an example of trend of Taiwan's legal development on information technology / Chun Hung Lin ; Conceptions of contract in German and English law and their legal traditions / Marin Keršić ; Institutional transplants in Serbia : the stories of success and failure / Ana Knežević Bojović ; Supreme audit institutions of the Republic of Serbia and the United Kingdom : comparative legal analysis / Jelena Kostić ; Influence of the Eurasian integration process on the legal system of the Russian Federation / Dmitriy V. Galushko ; Convergence and divergence of international law in Slovak judicial system / Lucia Mokrá
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