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The EU-Japan partnership in the shadow of China : the crisis of liberalism
Éditeur Routledge
Année 2019
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The EU-Japan partnership in the shadow of China : the crisis of liberalism
1 vol. (XVI-265 pages) ; 24 cm
Textes issus de communications, présentés lors d'une conférence annuelle, organisée par "the European Japan advanced research network (EJARN)", tenue à l'université de Warwick en juin 2016
Autre contributeur : "Marie Söderberg" (co-éditeur scientifique)
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European Union-Japan partnership in the shadow of China
Classification Dewey
355.031 094 095 2
Introduction : now or never ? / Marie Söderberg, Axel Berkofsky, Christopher W. Hughes and Paul Midford ; The strategic partnership agreement : new and better or more the same EU-Japan security cooperation ? / Axel Berkofsky ; Abe's pro-active pacifism, values diplomacy, China, and EU-Japan political and security cooperation / Paul Midford ; Ordinary/civilian, not normative/post-modern : lessons from the EU for Japanese security policy / Paul Bacon and Hidetoshi Nakamura ; Japan and EU defence production cooperation : a strategically important but nascent relationship / Christopher W. Hughes ; EU-Japan relations in the age of competitive economic governance in Asia / Maaike Okano-Heijmans and Terada Takashi ; Taking the lead in current and future trade relationships / Patricia A. Nelson ; Negative interest rate policy by the Bank of Japan from the perspective of monetary policy in Europe / Markus Heckel ; EU and Japanese aid and trade : legitimising "Chinese democrary" in ASEAN / André Asplund ; Japan and the EU : SDGs and changing patterns of development cooperation / Marie Söderberg ; The evolution of America's implicit support of EU-Japan security relations / Jeffrey W. Hornung ; From "wider west" to "strategic alliance" : an assessment of China's influence in EU-Japan relations / Lilei Song and Liang Gai ; Conclusions : the way forward
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