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America's post-truth phenomenon : when feelings and opinions trump facts and evidence
Éditeur Praeger
Année 2018
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America's post-truth phenomenon : when feelings and opinions trump facts and evidence
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Preface / C.G. Prado ; Introduction: the new subjectivism / C.G. Prado ; Truth claims, interpretation, and addiction to conviction / Mark Kingwell ; Because I say so : media authenticity in the age of post-truth and fake news / Greg Kelly ; Post-truth : Marcuse and new forms of social control / Lisa Portmess ; Extraordinary popular delusions and the manipulation of crowds / Sergio Sismondo ; The post-truth temperament : what makes belief stray from evidence? : and what can bring them back together? / Juan Pablo Bermadez ; Reality for the people / Khadija Coxon ; Truth and trolling / Jason Hannan ; Truth, post-truth, and subscriptions : consensus, truth, and social norms in algorithmic media / Alex Leitch ; Lords of mendacity / Paul Fairfield ; Losing the feel for truth in post-truth "democracies" : when macro data harvesting and micro-targeting befuddle democratic thought / Chris Beeman ; Brazen new world : a peircean approach to post-truth / Mark Migotti ; The fallacy of post-truth / Lawrie McFarlane ; About the editor and contributors ; Index
Deception in politics is nothing new, but the quantity of unsubstantiated statements in America today is unprecedented. False notions, fake news, "alternative facts," and opinions are being pitched from sources including the White House, Congress, and the American population via Twitter, Facebook, and online news sites as well as print, television, and radio. Such a widespread spectacle instantly captures the attention of people nationwide, but disagreement has the nation almost bordering on civil war over the definition of "the truth" and what this book calls "post-truth." In this text, C.G. Prado and expert contributors present varied perspectives on post-truth, its authoritarian implications for the nation, and how we can approach information to differentiate between truth and post-truth. Speaking to general readers, students, and scholars alike, chapters include text on the historical and social events that initiated and developed post-truth and why some people are more prone than others to accept and perpetuate post-truth. They also discuss post-truth as a threat to democracy.
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