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Israeli national security : a new strategy for an era of change
Éditeur Oxford University Press
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Israeli national security : a new strategy for an era of change
1 vol. (XXIII-470 pages) : ill., graph., tabl. ; 25 cm
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Israeli National Security A New Strategy for an Era of Change 2018
Bibliographie pages 431-447. Liste d'entretiens pages 395-396. Index
Classification Dewey
355.033 556 94
Israel's classic defense doctrine ; A strategic environment transformed ; Israel's new strategic setting ; The changing military threat ; Non-military threats ; Israeli society and national security ; Israel's strategic response ; The classic military response in perspective ; The military response today ; Nuclear and regional arms control policy ; The foreign policy response ; The "special relationship" ; A national security strategy for an era of change ; Primary conclusions ; Policy recommendations
Présentation de l'éditeur : "In Israeli National Security, Chuck Freilich presents an authoritative analysis of the military, diplomatic, demographic, and societal challenges Israel faces today, to propose a comprehensive and long-term Israeli national security strategy. The heart of the new strategy places greater emphasis on restraint, defense, and diplomacy as means of addressing the challenges Israel faces, along with the military capacity to deter and, if necessary, defeat Israel's adversaries, while also maintaining the resolve of its society. By bringing Israel's most critical debates about the Palestinians, demography, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, US relations and nuclear strategy into sharp focus, the strategy Freilich proposes addresses the primary challenges Israel must address in order to chart its national course."
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