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Governing climate change : polycentricity in action?
Éditeur Cambridge University Press
Année 2018
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Governing climate change : polycentricity in action?
1 vol. (XV-389 pages) ; 25 cm
Bibliogr. en fin de chapitres. Index
Classification Dewey
Governing climate change polycentrically : setting the scene / Andrew Jordan, Dave Huitema, Jonas Schoenefeld … [et al] ; International governance : polycentric governing by and beyond the UNFCCC / Harro van Asselt and Fariborz Zelli ; National governance: the state's role in steering polycentric action / Joana Setzer and Michal Nachmany ; Transnational governance : charting new directions post-paris / Harriet Bulkeley, Michele Betsill, Daniel Compagnon … [et al] ; City and subnational governance: high ambitions : innovative instruments and polycentric collaborations? / Jeroen van der Heijden ; Experimentation : the politics of innovation and learning in polycentric governance / Jan-Peter Vos and Fabian Schroth ; Entrepreneurship : a key driver of polycentric governance? / Elin Lerum Boasson ; Leadership and pioneership: exploring their role in polycentric governance / Duncan Liefferink and Rudiger K. W. Wurzel ; Diffusion : an outcome of and an opportunity for polycentric activity? / Jale Tosun ; Linkages : understanding their role in polycentric governance / Philipp Pattberg, Sander Chan, Lisa Sanderink … [et al] ; Orchestration : strategic ordering in polycentric governance / Kenneth W. Abbott ; Policy surveillance : its role in monitoring, reporting, evaluating and learning / Joseph E. Aldy ; Harnessing the market : trading in carbon allowances / Katja Biedenkopf and Jorgen Wettestad ; Decarbonisation : the politics of transformation / Steven Bernstein and Matthew Hoffmann ; Transferring technologies : the polycentric governance of clean energy technology / Liliana B. Andonova, Paula Castro and Kathryn Chelminski ; Governing experimental responses : negative emissions technologies and solar climate engineering / Jesse Reynolds ; Adaptation : the neglected dimension of polycentric climate governance? / Robbert Biesbroek and Alexandra Lesnikowski ; Equity and justice in polycentric climate governance / Chukwumerije Okereke ; Legitimacy and accountability in polycentric climate governance / Karin Backstrand, Fariborz Zelli and Philip Schleifer ; Governing climate change : the promise and limits of polycentric governance / Andrew Jordan, Dave Huitema, Harro van Asselt … [et al]
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