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Counterinsurgency wars and the Anglo-American alliance : the special relationship on the rocks
Éditeur Georgetown University Press
Année copyright 2017
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Counterinsurgency wars and the Anglo-American alliance : the special relationship on the rocks
1 vol. (X-241 pages) ; 23 cm
Bibliographie pages 207-222. Index
Classification Dewey
355.031 097 304 1
Introduction : the origins, meaning, and dynamics of the "special relationship" ; Empires, old and new : the politics of counterinsurgency ; Anglo-American military culture and counterinsurgency ; The changing of the guard in the post-war world : counterinsurgency in Palestine and the creation of Israel ; The Malayan emergency and America's Asian Cold War ; Mayhem in the Mediterranean : counter-insurgency in Cyprus ; Middle Eastern 'winds of change' : counterinsurgency in South Arabia ; The counterinsurgency phoenix : Britain and America's war in Vietnam ; The old country : America and the Northern Irish 'troubles' ; 'Shoulder to shoulder' in the war in Iraq ; Into the hornet's nest : the 'special relationship' during the 'long war' in Afghanistan ; Conclusion : the asymmetric alliance : Anglo-American relations then and now
Présentation de l'éditeur : "Andrew Mumford challenges the notion of an actual US-UK "special relationship," the most vaunted, and Mumford says, exaggerated of diplomatic associations in the post-1945 era. This book combines for the first time an analysis of US-UK interaction during major counterinsurgency campaigns since 1945, from Palestine to Iraq and Afghanistan, with a critical examination of the widely perceived diplomatic and military "special relationship." An assessment of each nation's respective private political perceptions and public diplomacy towards the others' conflicts reveals that in actuality there is only a thin layer of "specialness" at work in wars that shaped the postcolonial balance of power, the fight against Communism in the Cold War, and the twenty-first century "War on Terror." This work is especially timely given Britain's changing international relations as a result of Brexit as well as the Chilcot Inquiry about the lead up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003."
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