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Shaping citizenship : a political concept in theory, debate and practice
Éditeur Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Année 2018
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Shaping citizenship : a political concept in theory, debate and practice
1 vol. (XI-230 p.) ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
Introduction : shaping citizenship as a political concept / Claudia Wiesner, Anna Björk, Hanna-Mari Kivitä and Katja Mäkinen ; Theorising citizenship / Anna Björk, Hanna-Mari Kivistö, Katja Mäkinen and Claudia Wiesner ; Prototype citizenship : evolving concepts of inclusion and order / Mikhail Ilyin ; The concept of "good enough citizen" revisited : an exploration of current discourses on political participation / Elena García-Guitián ; Citizenship, democracy and the iconology of political representation : a plea for an iconological turn in democratic theory / Hans Lietzmann ; Abstaining citizenship : deliberative and epistocratic understandings of refraining from voting / Francisco Javier Gil Martín ; Debating citizenship / Hanna-Mari Kivistö, Anna Björk, Katja Mäkinen and Claudia Wiesner ; Right of the politically persecuted non-citizen or right of the state? : conceptual debates on asylum / Hanna-Mari Kivistö ; Temporality at the borders of citizenship : conditioning access in the case of the United Kingdom / Anna Björk ; Access to medical care : a citizenship right or a human right? : on struggles over rights, entitlement and membership in contemporary Sweden / Amanda Nielsen ; The non-state Sámi : struggle for indigenous citizenship in the European North / Sanna Valkonen and Jarno Valkonen ; Practising citizenship / Katja Mäkinen, Anna Björk, Hanna-Mari Kivitö and Claudia Wiesner ; Shaping citizenship practice through laws : rights and conceptual innovations in the EU / Claudia Wiesner ; Practicing European industrial citizenship : the case of labour migration to Germany / Nathan Lillie and Ines Wagner ; "All about doing democracy"? : participation and citizenship in EU projects / Katja Mäkinen ; Dual citizenship and voting rights : domestic practices and interstate tensions / Heino Nyyssönen and Jussi Metsälä ; Conclusion : contested conceptualisations of citizenship / Claudia Wiesner, Anna Björk, Hanna-Mari Kivitä and Katja Mäkinen.
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