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Routledge handbook on Israeli security
Éditeur Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Année 2019
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Routledge handbook on Israeli security
1 volume (XV-349 pages) ; 26 cm
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Handbook on Israeli security
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355.033 05694
The Israeli security prism ; Free or fearful? Zionism's responses to Jewish insecurity / Uriel Abulof ; Israel's post-1948 security experience / David Rodman ; The evolution and development of the Israel Defense Forces / Yaakov Amidror ; Debating security ; Neither Sparta nor Athens : Israeli public opinion on national security / Tamar Hermann ; Security issues as mirrored in the digital social media / Moran Yarchi ; Settlements and security : a debate. A security asset / Gershon Hacohen ; A security liability / Shaul Arieli ; Keeping faith : religious Jewish perspectives on Israeli security / Aharon Kampinsky ; Israeli Arab perspectives on security / Amal Jamal ; The Supreme Court as a forum for national security discourse / Amichai Cohen ; Security narratives in Israeli literature / Uri S. Cohen ; Security narratives in Israeli dramatic arts / Tali Silberstein ; Framing security policy ; National security decision-making / Charles D. Freilich ; The dynamics of civil-military relations and the complexity of Israel's security policies / Yagil Levy ; The diplomatic path to security / Steven R. David ; Negotiating Israeli security / Aharon Klieman ; The U.S.-Israel security relationship / Daniel Kurtzer ; Israel's evolving relationship with American Jewry : a matter of national security / Dov S. Zakheim ; Pursuing security ; Israel's security model / Avi Kober ; Security, technology and cyberwarfare / Isaac ben Israel ; Towards a Middle East regional security regime? / Martin Kramer ; Israel's expanding strategic horizons : finding extra-regional security partners / Eran Lerman ; Weapon of last resort? The nuclear dimension of Israeli security / Avner Cohen ; Augmenting security : costs and benefits ; "Building resilience" : the public discourse / Keren Friedman-Peleg ; The civilian home front : in search of societal resilience / Meir Elran and Carmit Padan ; Women and the Israeli military culture / Orna Sasson-Levy and Gilly Hartal ; The economics of prioritizing security : Israel's defense burden, 1948-2018 / Ben-Zion Zilberfarb ; Jewish, democratic and resilient? On competing visions of Israel / Yedidia Z. Stern
The Routledge Handbook on Israeli Security provides an authoritative survey of both the historical roots and their principal contemporary expressions. Following an introduction setting out its principal themes, the Handbook comprises 27 independent articles, all written by experts in their fields, several of whom possess first-hand diplomatic and/or military experience at senior levels. An especially noteworthy feature of this volume is the space allotted to analyses of the impact of security challenges not just on Israel's diplomatic and military postures (nuclear as well as conventional) but also on its cultural life and societal behavior. Specifically, it aims to fulfil three principal needs. - The first is to illustrate the dynamic nature of Israel's security concerns and the ways in which they have evolved in response to changes in the country's diplomatic and geo-strategic environment, changes that have been further fueled by technological, economic and demographic transformations. - Second, the book aims to examine how the evolving character of Israel's security challenges has generated multiple - and sometimes conflicting - interpretations of the very concept of 'security', resulting in a series of dialogues both within Israeli society and between Israelis and their friends and allies abroad. - Finally, it also discusses areas of private and public life elsewhere considered inherently 'civilian' and unrelated to security, such as artistic and cultural institutions, nevertheless do mirror the broader legal, economic and cultural consequences of this Israeli preoccupation with national security
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