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Counting civilian casualties : an introduction to recording and estimating nonmilitary deaths in conflict
Éditeur Oxford university press
Année cop. 2013
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Counting civilian casualties : an introduction to recording and estimating nonmilitary deaths in conflict
1 vol. (XIX-310 p.) : carte, graphiques, tableaux ; 24 cm
Textes issus de communications, présentés lors d'une conférence, organisée par l'université Carnegie Mellon et l'université de Pittsburgh en Pennsylvanie, tenue en octobre 2009
Bibliogr. en fin de chapitres. Notes bibliogr. Glossaire. Index
Classification Dewey
Who counts ? ; Introduction / Taylor B. Seybolt, Jay D. Aronson, and Baruch Fischhoff ; Significant numbers : civilian casualties and strategic peacebuilding / Taylor B. Seybolt ; The politics of civilian casualty counts / Jay D. Aronson ; Recording violence: incident-based data ; Iraq body count: a case study in the uses of incident-based conflict casualty data aggregate conflict casualty data / John Sloboda, Hamit Dardagan, Michael Spagat, and Madelyn Hsiao-Rei Hicks ; A matter of convenience : challenges of non-random data in analyzing ; Human rights violations in Peru and Sierra Leone / Todd Landman and Anita Gohdes ; Estimating violence: surveys ; Using surveys to estimate casualties post-conflict: developments for the developing world / Jana Asher ; Collecting data on violence: scientific challenges and ethnographic solutions / Meghan Foster Lynch ; Estimating violence: multiple-systems estimation ; Combining found data and surveys to measure conflict mortality / Jeff Klingner and Romesh Silva ; Multiple-systems estimation techniques for estimating casualties in armed conflicts / Daniel Manrique-Vallier, Megan E. Price, and Anita Gohdes ; Mixed methods ; MSE and casualty counts : assumptions, interpretation, and challenges / Nicholas P. Jewell, Michael Spagat, and Britta L. Jewell ; A review of estimation methods for victims of the Bosnian war and the Khmer Rouge regime / Ewa Tabeau and Jan Zwierzchowski ; The complexity of casualty numbers ; It doesn't add up : methodological and policy implications of conflicting casualty data / Jule Krüger, Patrick Ball, Megan Price, and Amelia Hoover Green ; Challenges to counting and classifying victims of violence in conflict ; Post-conflict, and non-conflict settings / Keith Krause ; Conclusion ; Moving toward more accurate casualty counts / Jay D. Aronson, Baruch Fischhoff, and Taylor B. Seybolt
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