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Spinoza's political treatise : a critical guide
Éditeur Cambridge University Press
Année 2018
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Spinoza's political treatise : a critical guide
1 vol. (xiii-215 pages) ; 24 cm
Bibliogr. p. 204-212. Index
Classification Dewey
"What is real about "ideal constitutions"? Spinoza on political explanation / Michael A. Rosenthal ; Statesmen versus philosophers : experience and method in Spinoza's Political treatise / Julie E. Cooper ; The condition of human nature : Spinoza's account of the ground of human action in the Tractatus Politicus / Susan James ; Longing (desiderium) for vengeance as the foundation of the commonwealth / Chantal Jaquet ; Family quarrels and mental harmony : Spinoza's Oikos-Polis analogy / Hasana Sharp ; Spinoza on national religion / Mogens Lærke ; Religion and the civil state in the Tractatus Politicus / Daniel Garber ; Spinoza on aristocratic and democratic government / Theo Verbeek ; When having too much power is harmful : Spinoza on political luck / Yitzhak Y. Melamed ; Spinoza and political absolutism / Justin Steinberg ; The revolutionary foundation of political modernity : Machiavelli, Spinoza and constituent power / Filippo Del Lucchese
"Spinoza's 'Political treatise' constitutes the very last stage in the development of his thought, as he left the manuscript incomplete at the time of his death in 1677. On several crucial issues - for example, the new conception of the 'free multitude' - the work goes well beyond his 'Theological political treatise' (1670), and arguably presents ideas that were not fully developed even in his 'Ethics'. This volume of newly commissioned essays on the 'Political treatise' is the first collection in English to be dedicated specifically to the work, ranging over topics including political explanation, national religion, the civil state, vengeance, aristocratic government, and political luck. It will be a major resource for scholars who are interested in this important but still neglected work, and in Spinoza's political philosophy more generally" (ed.)
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