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Markets, morals, politics : jealousy of trade and the history of political thought
Éditeur Harvard university press
Année 2018
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Markets, morals, politics : jealousy of trade and the history of political thought
1 vol. (VIII-316 p.) : jaquette ill. ; 25 cm
Autre éditeur scientifique : Richard Whatmore
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Mélanges . Hont , Istvan
Classification Dewey
From Rousseau to Kant / Richard Tuck ; Marx and material culture: Istvan Hont and the history of scholarship / Peter N. Miller ; Sociability in sacred historical perspective 1650-1800 / John Robertson ; Commerce, credit and sovereignty: the nation-state as historical critique / G.A. Pocock ; Revision, reorganisation and reform: Prussia 1790-1820 / Keith Tribe ; Millennium and enlightenment: Robert Owen and the second coming of the truth / Gareth Stedman Jones ; Liberty, autonomy and republican historiography: civic humanism in context: Hannah Arendt, Hans Baron and the Atlantic republican tradition / Michael Sonenscher ; Modern representative democracy: intellectual genealogy and drawbacks / Pasquale Pasquino ; Identification and the politics of envy / Raymond Geuss ; Why we need a global history of political thought / John Dunn
Le site de l'éditeur indique : "When Istvan Hont died in 2013, the world lost a giant of intellectual history. A leader of the Cambridge School of Political Thought, Hont argued passionately for a global-historical approach to political ideas. To better understand the development of liberalism, he looked not only to the works of great thinkers but also to their reception and use amid revolution and interstate competition. His innovative program of study culminated in the landmark 2005 book Jealousy of Trade, which explores the birth of economic nationalism and other social effects of expanding eighteenth-century markets. Markets, Morals, and Politics brings together a celebrated cast of Hont's contemporaries to assess his influence, ideas and methods. Richard Tuck, John Pocock, John Dunn, Raymond Geuss, Gareth Stedman Jones, Michael Sonenscher, John Robertson, Keith Tribe, Pasquale Pasquino, and Peter N. Miller contribute original essays on themes Hont treated with penetrating insight."
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