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International relations and the Arctic : understanding policy and governance
Éditeur Cambria Press
Année copyright 2014
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International relations and the Arctic : understanding policy and governance
1 vol. (XII-727 pages) ; 24 cm
Bibliogr. p. [631]-703. Index
Classification Dewey
Sovereignty as an institution of international society / Matthew S. Weinert ; Westphalian sovereignty and realism in contemporary international security / Robert W. Murray ; International institutions and state sovereignty : frozen in time or warming to change / Tom Keating ; Ecological sovereignty and Arctic politics / Guy-Serge Côté and Matthew Paterson ; Canadian Arctic security : shifting challenges / Rob Huebert ; U.S. Arctic policy : reproducing hegemony in a maritime region / Philip E. Steinberg ; Russia's Arctic policy : continuity and changes / Gleb Yarovoy ; Norway's high Arctic policy / Geir Hønneland ; Territory, security and sovereignty : the kingdom of Denmark's Arctic strategy / Mark Nuttall ; Sweden and Arctic policy : possibilities for new wine in old bottles? / E. Carina H. Keskitalo ; Finland as an Arctic and European state : Finland's northern dimension (policy) / Lassi Heininen ; Iceland : a state within the Arctic / Alyson JK Bailes and Margrét Cela ; The Arctic and the European Union / Clive Archer ; The United Nations on Arctic issues / W. Andy Knight ; The future of the Arctic Council : navigating between sovereignty and security / Timo Koivurova and Piotr Graczyk ; International law and the Arctic : how territoriality, human rights and the environment can shape sovereignty / Betsy Baker ; Arctic oil, Inuit resource governance and the Arctic Council / Jessica M. Shadian ; A work in progress : the United Kingdom and the Arctic region / Klaus Dodds ; Emerging interests of non-Arctic countries in the Arctic : China, Japan, South Korea and India / Nong Hong & Anita Dey Nuttall ; Sovereignty, security and international cooperation : significance of the Antarctic experience for the Arctic / Anita Dey Nuttall
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