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Transnational dynamics of civil war
Éditeur Cambridge university press
Année 2013
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Transnational dynamics of civil war
1 vol. (XV-306 p.) ; 24 cm
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Transnational dynamics of civil war 2013
Bibliogr. p. 259-294. Index
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Autres tirages : 2014
Classification Dewey
Part I. Civil War: Mobilizing Across Borders ; Transnational dynamics of civil war / Jeffrey T. Checkel ; Part II. Transnationalized Civil War ; Copying and learning from outsiders? Assessing diffusion from transnational insurgents in the Chechen wars / Kristin M. Bakke ; Mechanisms of diaspora mobilization and the transnationalization of civil war / Fiona Adamson ; Refugee militancy in exile and upon return in Afghanistan and Rwanda / Kristian Berg Harpviken and Sarah Kenyon Lischer ; Rebels without a cause? Transnational diffusion and the Lord's Resistance Army, 1986-2011 / Hans Peter Schmitz ; Transnational advocacy networks, rebel groups, and demobilization of child soldiers in Sudan / Stephan Hamberg ; Conflict diffusion via social identities: entrepreneurship and adaptation / Martin Austvoll Nome and Nils B. Weidmann ; Part III. Theory, Mechanisms, and the Study of Civil War ; Causal mechanisms and typological theories in the study of civil conflict / Andrew Bennett ; Transnational dynamics of civil war: where do we go from here? / Elisabeth Jean Wood
"Civil wars are the dominant form of violence in the contemporary international system, yet they are anything but local affairs. This book explores the border-crossing features of such wars by bringing together insights from international relations theory, sociology and transnational politics with a rich comparative-quantitative literature. It highlights the causal mechanisms - framing, resource mobilisation, socialisation, among others - that link the international and transnational to the local, emphasising the methods required to measure them. Contributors examine specific mechanisms leading to particular outcomes in civil conflicts ranging from Chechnya, to Afghanistan, to Sudan, to Turkey. Transnational Dynamics of Civil War thus provides a significant contribution to debates motivating the broader move to mechanism-based forms of explanation, and will engage students and researchers of international relations, comparative politics and conflict processes"--
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