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Toward an American conservatism : constitutional conservatism during the progressive era
Éditeur Palgrave Macmillan
Année 2013
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Toward an American conservatism : constitutional conservatism during the progressive era
1 vol. (VI- 279 pages) ; 23 cm
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Classification Dewey
320.520 973
Constitutional conservatism during the Progressive era : the National Association for Constitutional Government and The constitutional review / Johnathan O'Neill ; The progressive origins of conservative hostility to Lochner v. New York / David E. Bernstein ; William Howard Taft and the struggle for the soul of the Constitution / Sidney M. Milkis ; The election of 1912 and the origins of constitutional conservatism / William Schambra ; William Howard Taft on America and the Philippines : equality, natural rights, and imperialism / John W. Grant ; Civilization versus modernity : the League of Nations in the crisis of world civilization / W. Taylor Reveley IV ; "Roaring" against Progressivism : Calvin Coolidge's principled conservatism / Joseph Postell ; Rational compromise : Charles Evans Hughes as a progressive originalist / James J. Stoner Jr. ; The two phases of Herbert Hoover's constitutional conservatism / Gordon Lloyd and David Davenport
"During the Progressive Era (1880-1920), leading thinkers and politicians transformed American politics. Historians and political scientists have given a great deal of attention to the progressives who effected this transformation. Yet relatively little is known about the conservatives who opposed these progressive innovations, despite the fact that they played a major role in the debates and outcomes of this period of American history. These early conservatives represent a now-forgotten source of inspiration for modern American conservatism. This volume gives these constitutional conservatives their first full explanation and demonstrates their ongoing relevance to contemporary American conservatism"-- (4e de couv.)
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