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Collapse of the global order on drugs : from UNGASS 2016 to Review 2019
Éditeur Emerald Publishing
Année 2018
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Collapse of the global order on drugs : from UNGASS 2016 to Review 2019
1 vol. (XX-304 pages) ; 24 cm
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Prelims ; Introduction ; Chapter 1 The 2016 UNGASS on Drugs: A Catalyst for the Drug Policy Reform Movement ; Chapter 2 The Death Penalty for Drug Offences: Pulling Back the Curtain to Expose a Flawed Regime ; Chapter 3 Measuring the ‘World Drug Problem’: 2019 and Beyond ; Chapter 4 Improving Access to Internationally Controlled Essential Medicines in the Post-UNGASS, Agenda 2030 Framework ; Chapter 5 The Elephant in the Room: Cannabis in the International Drug Control Regime ; Chapter 6 Drug Policy in the Russian Federation: Do Control Policies Produce More Harm Than Drugs? ; Chapter 7 Consensus and Contradictions in ASEAN: An Analysis of Southeast Asia At and After UNGASS 2016 ; Chapter 8 Deconstructing the Islamic Bloc: The Middle East and North Africa and Pluralistic Drugs Policy ; Chapter 9 Breaking Ranks: Pioneering Drug Policy Protagonism in Uruguay and Bolivia ; Chapter 10 The Netherlands, Portugal and the Czech Republic: Political Perceptions and Legal Realities ; Chapter 11 The European Union in Panglossian Stagnation ; Chapter 12 United States Drug Policy: Flexible Prohibition and Regulation ; Chapter 13 West Africa ; Chapter 14 Switzerland: Moving Towards Public Health and Harm Reduction ; Chapter 15 ; Epilogue
The 2016 UNGASS on drug policy resulted in an Outcome Document detailing profound differences of opinion and practice between different states polarising public health and human rights themes. This book examines the different positions, the underlying problems, and the options open for the next international gathering on drugs -- ed.
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