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Environment, politics, and society
Éditeur Emerald Publishing
Année 2018
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Environment, politics, and society
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Environment, politics, and society 2018
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List of Contributors ; Editorial Advisory Board ; Preface ; Polarizing Climate Politics in America ; Multilevel Governance and Minimum Flow: The Varying Conservation Outcomes of Water Conflict Resolution ; Empowering the Disempowered through Civil Rights Geographic Information Systems: The Case of Black Belt Region of Alabama ; An Environmental Psychology course and African-American Students' Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors ; School Gardens: Unpacking the Potential to Reduce Food Insecurity among Alabama's Children ; The Impact of China's Changing Hukou on Women's Rural Land Rights ; Plugging the Malaysian "Great Brain Drain": Recognition of Dual Citizenship ; Scale and Political Ecology: A Conceptual Analysis of the Brazilian Samarco Disaster ; Green Transport: A Way Forward for Environmental Sustainability ; Feminist Elites in Democratic Jordan 1989-2016 ; About the Authors ; Index
"This special volume of Research in Political Sociology addresses the interconnectivity of environment, politics and society. Contributors engage with critical topics such as water resource management, climate change, civil rights, poverty and social inequality, green transportation and brain drain, and examines these issues internationally in North America, South America, Asia and the Middle East. In the midst of vigorous discussions on environmental sustainability and crises that make global communities more vulnerable than ever before, on local, regional, and global scales, the chapters in this volume offer a much-needed dialogue, and will be of interest to politicians, policymakers and scientists as well as academic researchers." "Résumé de l'éditeur"
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