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The politics of islamism : diverging visions and trajectories
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The politics of islamism : diverging visions and trajectories
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Introduction: theological contestations and political coalition-building / John L. Esposito, Lily Zubaidah Rahim, Naser Ghobadzadeh ; slam and democracy: perspectives from reformist and traditional Islam / Mohsen Kadivar ; Democratisation of Islamic political theology / Naser Ghobadzadeh ; Tunisia's Ennahda: Islamists turning the learning curve of democracy and civic habituation / Larbi Sadiki ; From moderation to de-moderation: democratic backsliding of the AKP in Turkey / Menderes Cinar ; Negotiating popular mandate and the sovereignty of God in Iran / Shahram Ikbarzadeh and James Barry ; Careful what you wish for: Salafi Islamisation and authoritarian governance in Malaysia / Lily Zubaidah Rahim ; The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood, democratisation and the dilemmas of internal organisational reform: seeking unity, finding division? / Paul M. Esber ; The dilemmas of dual resistance: Hamas and political learning in Gaza / Martin Kear ; Transformations and prospects / John L. Esposito, Lily Zubaidah Rahim, Naser Ghobadzadeh
This book offers a nuanced and muti-layered approach towards comprehending the possibilities of democratization or likelihood of authoritarian resilience in the Muslim world. The volume highlights the complex diversity within Islamist movements and parties-- characterised by internal tensions, struggles and contestations. The very existence of this diversity within and among Islamist movements, and their general willingness to partake in mainstream politics, signals an important transformation in the Muslim world over recent decades. It demonstrates that the Muslim world has gravitated from the simplistic focus on the compatibility or incompatibility of Islam and democracy. Islamist movements and parties embody the multiple manifestations and trajectories within political Islam. The granular case-studies and theological analyses in this volume draw attention to the policy refinements, socio-political reforms and ideological transformations engendered by Muslim intellectuals and Islamist movements and ideologues. The diverse political landscape in the Muslim world is inextricably linked to the socio-political and theological shifts within Islamism--in particular, the yearning for greater social, economic and political justice, a yearning that lies at the core of an inclusive wasatiyyah Islam.
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