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Future war : preparing for the new global battlefield
Éditeur Vintage books
Année copyright 2018
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Future war : preparing for the new global battlefield
Notes bibliographiques pages [165]-180. Index
Classification Dewey
355.020 112
The new face of war ; How we got to now ; Effects of future war on the soldier ; Society and the military ; Where do we go from here ? ; A concluding plea
"An urgent and prescient look at how technology will change virtually every aspect of war as we know it, and how we can respond to the serious national security challenges ahead. Battles fought in cyberspace; biologically enhanced soldiers; autonomous systems that can process information and strike violently before a human being can blink-- in Future War, Robert H. Latiff examines tomorrow's battlefield, calling on his military and intelligence expertise and well-honed pragmatism. He makes clear that the fortunes of a nation are inextricably linked with its national defense, and asks and explores vitally important questions: What is the cost of our unquestioning embrace of innovation? How will soldiers themselves think about future war and their role within it ? How will war affect the average citizen ? And, perhaps most important: Are our leaders sufficiently sensitized to the implications of the new ways of fighting ? The complex world of conflict and technology demands that we pay more attention, before it evolves beyond our control. Decrying what he describes as a "broken" relationship between the military and the public it serves, Latiff issues a bold wake-up call to the nation as a whole as we prepare for a very different form of war."--Jacket flap
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