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The urban planet : knowledge towards sustainable cities
Éditeur Cambidge University Press
Année 2018
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The urban planet : knowledge towards sustainable cities
1 vol. (xxx-482 pages) : ill.cartes ; 25 cm
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Classification Dewey
Preface ; Introduction ; Dynamic urban planet ; Global urbanization: perspectives and trends ; Embracing urban complexity ; Understanding, implementing, and tracking urban metabolism is key to urban futures ; Live with risk while reducing vulnerability ; Harness urban complexity for health and wellbeing ; Macro-economy and urban productivity ; Global urban sustainable development ; Rethinking urban sustainability and resilience ; Indicators for measuring urban sustainable development and resilience ; The un, the urban sustainable development goal and the new urban agenda ; Utilizing urban living laboratories for social innovation ; Can big data make a difference for urban management? ; Collaborative and equitable urban citizen science ; Urban transformations to sustainability ; Sustainability transformation emerging from better governance ; To transform cities, support civil society ; Governance and the new politics of collaboration and contestation ; Seeds of the future, found in the present ; Provocations from practice ; Sustainability, karachi, and other irreconcilables ; What knowledge do the cities themselves need? ; Banksy and the biologist: redrawing the twenty-first century city ; Every community needs a forest of imagination ; How can we shift from a imaged-based city to a life-based city? ; A chimera called smart cities ; Beyond fill-in-the-blank cities ; Persuading policy makers to implement sustainable city plans ; To live or not to live: urbanisation and the knowledge worker ; City fragmentation and the commons ; Cities as global organisms ; From concrete structures to green diversity: ecological landscape design for ; Restoring urban nature and children's play ; Building cities: a view from india ; The barking dog syndrome ; Overcoming inertia and reinventing "retreat" ; Money for old rope ; An aesthetic appreciation of tagging ; Understanding arab cities ; Who can implement the sustainable development goals? ; Achieving sustainable cities by focusing on urban underserved ; The rebellion of memory ; Cities don't need "big" data- they need innovations that connect to the local ; Digital urbanisation and the end of big cities ; The art of engagement / Activating Curiosity ; Nairobi's illegal city makers ; Active environmental citizens with receptive government officials can enact change ; The sea wall ; Academics and non-academics: who's who in changing the culture of knowledge ; Creation? ; Private fears in public spaces ; Leadership: science and policy as uncomfortable bedfellows ; Sketches of an emotional geography towards a new citizenship ; The shift in urban technology innovation ; Greening cities: our pressing moral imperative ; Recognition deficit and struggle for unifying city fragments ; Disrespecting the knowledge of place ; Broadening our vision to find a new eco-spiritual way of living ; Synthesis
"Urban Planet takes an integrative look at our urban environment, bringing together scholars from a diverse range of disciplines. It provides a much needed cross-scale perspective, connecting challenges and solutions on a local scale with drivers and policy frameworks on a regional and global scale. The authors argue that to overcome the major challenges we are facing, we must embark on a large-scale reinvention of how we live together, grounded in inclusiveness and sustainability"(ed.)
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