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The red star and the crescent : China and the Middle East
Éditeur Oxford University Press
Année 2018
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The red star and the crescent : China and the Middle East
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Cover; Half-title; Title; Copyright; Contents; About the Contributors; Acknowledgments; Introduction: China and the Middle East; Part I: The Big Picture; 1. China's Search for Security in the Greater Middle East; 2. China, the United States, and the Middle East; 3. The China Model and the Middle East; Part II: Case Studies; 4. China's Military Relations with the Middle East; 5. China and Turkey: Sailing Through Rough Waters; 6. China and the Iran Nuclear Negotiations: Beijing's Mediation Effort; 7. China and Iraq; Part III: "One Belt, One Road ; 8. Silk Roads and Global Strategy: China's Quest9. Choosing not to Choose: The Belt and Road Initiative and the Middle East; Part IV: Domestic Factors in China-Middle East Relations; 10. Hajjis, Refugees, Salafi Preachers, and a Myriad of Others: An Examination of Islamic Connectivities in the Sino-Saudi Relationship; 11. China's Uyghurs: A Potential Time Bomb; Notes; Index
The Red Star and the Crescent provides an in-depth and multi-disciplinary analysis of the evolving relationship between China and the Middle East. Despite its increasing importance, very few studies have examined this dynamic, deepening, and multi-faceted nexus. James Reardon- Anderson has sought to fill this critical gap.The volume examines the "big picture" of international relations, then zooms in on case studies and probes the underlying domestic factors on each side. Reardon- Anderson tackles topics as diverse as China's security strategy in the Middle East, its military relations with the states of the region, its role in the Iran nuclear negotiations, the Uyghur question, and the significance and consequences of the Silk Road strategy.A comprehensive study of the changing forces driving one of the world's most important strategic, economic and cultural relationships.
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