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Leadership in turbulent times
Éditeur Simon & Schuster
Année 2018
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Leadership in turbulent times
1 vol. (XVI-473 pages) : illustrations ; 25 cm
Bibliogr. p. [371]-385. Index
Classification Dewey
Part 1. Ambition and the recognition of leadership ; Abraham: "Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition" ; Theodore: "I rose like a rocket" ; Franklin: "No, call me Franklin" ; Lyndon: "A steam engine in pants" ; Part 2. Adversity and growth ; Abraham Lincoln: "I must die or be better" ; Theodore Roosevelt: "The light has gone out of my life" ; Franklin Roosevelt: "Above all, try something" ; Lyndon Johnson: "The most miserable period of my life" ; Part 3. The leader and the times: how they led ; Transformational leadership: Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation ; Crisis management: Theodore Roosevelt and the Coal Strike ; Turnaround leadership: Franklin Roosevelt and the Hundred Days ; Visionary leadership: Lyndon Johnson and Civil Rights ; Epilogue: Of death and remembrance
La 4e de couv. indique : "Are leaders born or made? Where does ambition come from? How does adversity affect the growth of leadership? Does the leader make the times or do the times make the leader? Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin draws upon the four presidents she has studied most closely -- Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Lyndon B. Johnson (in civil rights) -- to show how they recognized leadership qualities within themselves and were recognized as leaders by others. By looking back to their first entries into public life, we encounter them at a time when their paths were filled with confusion, fear, and hope. They all collided with dramatic reversals that disrupted their lives and threatened to shatter forever their ambitions. Nonetheless, they all emerged fitted to confront the contours and dilemmas of their times. No common pattern describes the trajectory of leadership. Although set apart in background, abilities, and temperament, these men shared a fierce ambition and a deep-seated resilience that enabled them to surmount uncommon hardships. At their best, all four were guided by a sense of moral purpose. At moments of great challenge, they were able to summon their talents to enlarge the opportunities and lives of others."
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