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A conviction in question : the first trial at the International Criminal Court
Éditeur University of Toronto Press [diffusion/distribution]
Année copyright 2017
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A conviction in question : the first trial at the International Criminal Court
1 vol. (XVIII-219 pages) : carte ; 24 cm
Bibliogr. p. [209]-212. Index.
Classification Dewey
1. The Way to Bunia ; 2. Museveni’s Divide and Plunder ; 3. Under Siege ; 4. From All Hell to The Hague ; 5. Low Lying Fruit ; 6. The End Before the Beginning ; 7. The First Witness ; 8. A Child Soldier in the Chamber Wars ; 9. The Paladin, The Warrior and His Lordship ; 10. Witness from The Front Lines ; 11. Muting the Victims ; 12. Lies, All Lies ; 13. Under the Judge’s Skin ; 14. Disorder in The Court ; 15. Sexual Violence ; 16. A Dubious Conviction
La jaquette du livre indique : "An engrossing narrative of the first case to appear at the International Criminal Court, 'A Conviction in Question' documents the trial of Union of Congolese Patriots leader and warlord Thomas Lubanga Dyilo. Although Lubanga's crimes - including murder, rape, and the forcible conscription of child soldiers - were indisputable, legal wrangling and a clash of personalities caused the trial to be prolonged for an unprecedented six years. This book offers an accessible account of the rapid evolution of international law and the controversial trial at the foundation of the International Criminal Court. A Conviction in Question examines the legal issues behind each of the trial's critical moments, including the participation of Lubanga's victims at the trial and the impact of witness protection. Through eye-witness observation and analysis, Jim Freedman shows that the trial suffered from all the problems associated with ordinary criminal law trials, and uses the Lubanga case to further comment on the role of international courts in a contemporary global context."
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