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The Presidency and social media : discourse, disruption, and digital democracy in the 2016 presidential election
Éditeur Routledge
Année 2018
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The Presidency and social media : discourse, disruption, and digital democracy in the 2016 presidential election
1 vol. (xxxiii- 355 pages) ; 24 cm
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Presidency and social media.
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Discourse, disruption, and digital democracy : political communication in the 2016 presidential campaign / Dan Schill and John Allen Hendricks ; Social media, news platforms, and partisan exposure : voters' media preferences during the 2016 presidential campaign season / Michael A. Beam, Paul M. Haridakis, Myiah J. Hutchens, and Jay D. Hmielowski ; Trump supporters vs. Republican voters : how frustration with the media separated the GOP in 2016 / Sharon E. Jarvis and Jay T. Jennings ; Online communication regarding Ohio's 2016 presidential primary / Jeffrey H. Kuznekoff, Leland G. Spencer, and Robert N. Burt ; Foreign policy and presidential elections : a look at the Iowa caucuses / Raluca Cozma ; The effects of political social media use on efficacy and cynicism in the 2016 presidential election : exploring the possibility of a reinforcing spiral / Benjamin R. Warner, Molly M. Greenwood, Freddie J. Jennings, and Josh C. Bramlett ; Streaming entertainment and talking politics : social television in the shaping of online and offline political talk during the 2016 campaign / Sarah Krongard and Jacob Groshek ; The verbal tone of the 2016 presidential primaries : candidate Twitter, debate, and campaign speech rhetoric / David Lynn Painter and Katherine Rizzo ; Themes in candidate messaging on Twitter during the "invisible" presidential primary / Kate Kenski and Christine R. Filer ; Rhetoric in a transmedia storytelling campaign : how Trump deployed the paranoid style in 2016 / Zac Gershberg ; Humor use and policy mentions in candidate interviews across talk-show sub-genres in the 2016 presidential election / Dannagal G. Young and Johanna M. Lukk ; Donald Trump and the "oxygen of publicity" : branding, social media, and traditional media / Sarah Oates and Wendy W. Moe ; The infographic election : the role of visual content on social media in the 2016 presidential campaign / Terri L. Towner ; Tweets as tools : exploring the campaign functions of candidates' tweets in the 2016 presidential campaign / Thomas Kim Hixson ; Internet memes as polyvocal political participation / Andrew S. Ross and Damian J. Rivers ; Engaged brigade : digital platforms and millennial engagement in the 2016 election / Alison N. Novak ; Donald Trump and the late-night political humor of campaign 2016 : all the Donald, all the time / Stephen J. Farnsworth, S. Robert Lichter, and Deanne Canieso
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