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Brexit : history, reasoning and perspectives
Éditeur Springer International Publishing
Année copyright 2018
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Brexit : history, reasoning and perspectives
1 vol. (XVI-283 p.) ; 24 cm
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Brexit History, Reasoning and Perspectives 2018
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Classification Dewey
Part I. Historical approach of UK to the European integration ; First European and pan-European integration efforts and British reluctance / Ramiro Troitiño, David (et al.) ; The first attempts to unify Europe for specific purposes and British flexibility / Kerikmäe, Tanel (et al.) ; Cooperation or integration? Churchill’s attitude towards organization of Europe / Ramiro Troitiño, David (et al.) ; Part II. British strategy to the European Communities before accession ; The first European community and the British position / Chochia, Archil (et al.) ; De Gaulle and the British membership in the European communities / Ramiro Troitino, David (et al.) ; Great Britain and differentiated integration in Europe / Riedel, Rafał ; Part III. The UK inside the European Communities/Union ; Enlargement to the UK, the referendum of 1975 and position of Margaret Thatcher / Chochia, Archil (et al.) ; The British rebate and the Single European Act: political ramifications of an economic Reform / Keedus, Liisi (et al.) ; British approach to the European Union: from Tony Blair to David Cameron / Mölder, Holger ; The single currency and the UK / Tupits, Andres ; The British role in the emergence of multi-speed Europe and enhanced cooperation / Keedus, Liisi (et al.) ; Part IV. The British and European future ; Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union: how to understand the ‘right’ of the member state to withdraw the European Union? / Circolo, Andrea (et al.) ; From EFTA to EC/EU and Back to EFTA? The European Economic Area (EEA) as a possible scenario for the UK-EU relations after Brexit / Schewe, Christoph (et al.) ; The Brexit and private international law: an outlook from the consumer insolvency perspective / Hoffmann, Thomas ; Impact of the Article 50 of TEU on migration of the EU workers in case of Brexit / Roots, Lehte ; The scope and specificity of economic relations between the EU and the United Kingdom in Brexit case / Daugėlienė, Rasa (et al.)
Présentation de l'éditeur : "While the discussions among Brexiters mainly focus on the referendum of 2016 or David Cameron’s “great miscalculation” and its repercussions, this book looks at the Brexit as a process that began decades earlier. It analyses EU-UK relations from a new perspective, taking into consideration the historical background, political aspects, and legal and economic matters. The book provides a holistic understanding of the Brexit, approaching the referendum and its outcomes as the culmination of a long process rather than an isolated political event crafted within the corridors of Westminster or Downing Street 10. Accordingly, it addresses a range of thematic issues, historical patterns of political and economic behavior both within and beyond the United Kingdom, and possible future effects on relations between the Union and one of its most important members."
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