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Roots of ecology : antiquity to Haeckel
Éditeur University of California press
Année cop. 2012
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Roots of ecology : antiquity to Haeckel
1 vol. (XIV-273 p.) : ill. ; 29 cm
Bibliogr. p. 209-269. Index
Classification Dewey
Greeks and Romans : antiquity ; Early Greek origins ; Aristotle and Theophrastos ; Hellenistic natural history ; Roman natural history ; Medieval millennium ; Byzantine natural history ; Arabic language science ; Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, amateur avian ecologist and behaviorist ; Albertus Magnus, scholastic naturalist ; Renaissance ; Botany during the Italian Renaissance and early scientific revolution ; Vertebrate zoology, 1500s ; Invertebrate zoology and parasitology, 1500s ; Scientific revolution ; Broadening science in Italy and England, 1600-1650s ; Plant growth studies, 1600s ; Origins of human and animal demography and statistics, 1600s ; Hooke and the Royal Society of London ; Invertebrate zoology and parasitology, 1600s ; John Ray and his associates, Francis Willughby and William Derham ; Leeuwenhoek's microscopic natural history ; Emerging natural history ; Richard Bradley, entrepreneurial naturalist ; Réaumur and his History of insects ; Early European naturalists explore eastern North America ; Linnaeus and the economy of nature ; Buffon and environmental influences on animals ; John and William Bertram explore eastern North America ; Gilbert White, naturalist extraordinaire ; Naturalists explore Russia and North Pacific lands, 1700s ; Organism center stage ; Plant growth studies, 1700s ; Plant disease studies, 1700s ; Invertebrate zoology and parasitology, 1700s ; Animal population studies, 1700s ; Emergence of the ecological sciences ; Humboldt, nature's geographer ; Naturalists explore North America, mid-1780s to mid-1820s ; A changing economy of nature ; Beginnings of British marine biology : Edward Forbes and Philip Gosse ; Watson, plant geographer and evolutionist ; Ecological aspects of Darwin's voyage on the Beagle ; Naturalists explore western North America, mid-1820s to 1850s ; Thoreau, ecologist ; Ascendant ecology ; Darwin's evolutionary ecology ; Victorian naturalists in Amazonia : Wallace, Bates, and Spruce ; Biogeographer-evolutionists Hooker and Wallace and evolutionist Huxley ; Plant physiology, Saussure to Sachs ; Phytopathology, 1800s ; Entomology, 1800s ; From parasitology to germ theory ; Haeckel's concept of ecology.
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