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A Military history of Afghanistan : from the great game to the global war on terror
Éditeur University press of Kansas
Année 2017
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A Military history of Afghanistan : from the great game to the global war on terror
1 vol. (XVI-617 pages) : ill., cartes ; 24 cm
Bibliographie pages 581-595. Index
Classification Dewey
355.009 581
A distinct geography and a turbulent history ; Highlights of the past: from antiquity to the emergence of modern Afghanistan in 1747 ; The great game and the British invasion of Afghanistan, 1809-1839 ; The first Anglo-Afghan War: occupation, rebellion, retreat, and retribution, 1839-1842 ; Geopolitical changes in Central Asia leading to the second Anglo-Afghan War, 1842-1879 ; The second phase of the second Anglo-Afghan war, 1879-1881 ; A period of uneasy peace and the third Anglo-Afghan war, 1880-1919 ; Afghanistan under King Amanullah and the civil war, 1919-1929 ; The Cold War and the Soviet invasion, 1929-1979 ; Soviet occupation and the war of resistance, 1979-1989 ; The civil war and the rise of the Taliban, 1989-2001 ; The U.S. invasion, the fall of the Taliban and the Bonn process, 2001-2005
Présentation de l'éditeur : "The first comprehensive history of the last two-plus centuries of warfare and international conflict in land-locked Afghanistan, from the Anglo-Afghan wars of the 1800s through the region's early 20th-century struggles to modernize, its last monarchy (1933-1973), the Soviet Union's so-called "Vietnam War" in the 1980s, and America's "War on Terror," which began in 2001 and continues into the present. By an insider native Afghan author whose careers have encompassed military, government, and academic service."
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