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The world after GDP : politics, business and society in the post growth era
Éditeur Polity
Année 2017
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The world after GDP : politics, business and society in the post growth era
1 vol. (VIII-276 p.) : ill. ; 22 cm
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Fioramonti, Lorenzo, author. World after GDP
Machine generated contents note: Contents Acknowledgements Figures and Tables Introduction Chapter 1 The making of a post-GDP world Chapter 2 The rise and fall of the GDP ideology Chapter 3 Post-GDP economy Chapter 4 Post-GDP politics Chapter 5 Post-GDP world Conclusion References
Biblogr. p. 238-261. Index
Classification Dewey
Introduction ; The making of a post-GDP world ; The rise and fall of GDP ideology ; Post-GDP economics ; Post-GDP politics ; Post-GDP world ; Conclusion : data of the people, for the people and by the people
"GDP is much more than a simple statistic. It has become the overarching benchmark of success and a powerful ordering principle at the heart of the global economy. But the convergence of major economic, social and environmental crises has exposed the flaws of our economic system which values GDP above all else as a measure of prosperity and growth. In this provocative and inspiring new book, political economist Lorenzo Fioramonti sets out his vision of a world after GDP. Focusing on pioneering research on alternative metrics of progress, governance innovation and institutional change, he makes a compelling case for the profound and positive transformations that could be achieved through a post-GDP system of development. From a new role for small business, households and civil society to a radical evolution of democracy and international relations, Fioramonti sets out a combination of top-down reforms and bottom-up pressures whose impact, he argues, would be unprecedented, making it possible to move away from GDP dominance and towards a more equitable, sustainable and happy society"--
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