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Challenged hegemony : the United States, China, and Russia in the Persian Gulf
Éditeur Stanford university press
Année copyright 2018
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Challenged hegemony : the United States, China, and Russia in the Persian Gulf
1 vol. (XII-238 pages) ; 23 cm
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Classification Dewey
The United States and the global oil era ; A new security framework ; The United States, economics, and energy ; China's steep ascent in the Persian Gulf ; Global oil and China's economic penetration ; Russia, from Cold War to the modern era ; Russia's trade and energy shift ; How America, China, and Russia have changed ; The rise and not fall of oil security ; The travails of hegemony : a classic problem
La 4e de couv. indique : "Few issues in international affairs and energy security animate thinkers more than the classic topic of hegemony, and the case of the Persian Gulf presents particularly fertile ground for considering this concept. Since the 1970s, the region has undergone tumultuous changes, with dramatic shifts in the diplomatic, military, and economic roles of the United States, China, and Russia. In this book, Steve A. Yetiv and Katerina Oskarsson offer a panoramic study of hegemony and foreign powers in the Persian Gulf, offering the most comprehensive, data-driven portrait to date of their evolving relations. The authors argue that the United States has become hegemonic in the Persian Gulf, ultimately protecting oil security for the entire global economy. Through an analysis of official and unofficial diplomatic relations, trade statistics, military records, and more, they provide a detailed account of how U.S. hegemony and oil security have grown in tandem, as, simultaneously, China and Russia have increased their political and economic presence. The book sheds light on hegemony's complexities and challenges and reveals how local variations in power will continue to shape the Persian Gulf in the future."
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