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Digital democracy in a globalized world
Éditeur Edward Elgar Publishing
Année 2017
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Digital democracy in a globalized world
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Digital democracy in a globalized world 2017
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Digitalization through the lens of law and democracy / Maurice Adams and Corien Prins ; E-democracy, the global citizen, and multilevel constitutionalism / Ingolf Pernice ; In search of the holy grail : a principled approach to multistakeholder governance in internet policy-making / Nicolo Zingales and Roxana Radu ; The broken promises of democracy in the information era / Ugo Pagallo ; Depoliticization in the digital infosphere : when communication runs counter-democratic / Emre Bayamlıoğlu ; The ambivalence of the impact of digitalization on democracy through the lens of privacy and transparency / Colette Cuijpers ; Election integrity : the constitutionality of transitioning to electronic voting in comparative terms / Rivka Weill ; Digital democracy in Brazil : is technology a game-changer? / Mônica Rosina, Luiz Fernando Marrey Moncau and Eduardo Alves Lazzari ; Deliberative democracy and digital urban design in a Canadian city : the case of the McGill Online Design Studio / Hoi L Kong, Nik Luka, Jaimie Cudmore and Andrea Dumas ; Digital support for enhanced democratic participation in US rulemaking / Cynthia R Farina, Cheryl L Blake, Mary Newhart and Chaebong Nam ; The European citizens' initiative : an effective tool to promote a digital European democracy? / Marie-José Garot ; Digital tools and the derailment of Iceland'́s new constitution / Thorvaldur Gylfason and Anne Meuwese ; Digital democracy in Belgium and the Netherlands : a socio-legal analysis of technologies, embedding and expectations of two fourth wave innovations / Koen van Aeken ; Digitization and democracy in China : the new Hunger Games / Bo Zhao ; Internet censorship in India : Internet censorship in India : the law and beyond / Arpan Banerjee ; Technology, democracy, and institutional change / Peter L Lindseth
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