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Inside the Clinton White House : an oral history
Éditeur Oxford University Press
Année copyright 2016
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Inside the Clinton White House : an oral history
1 vol. (XIII-441 p.) : jaquette ill. ; 25 cm
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Preface ; Part I: Beginnings ; The Man Who Would be President: Prelude to the White House ; The Decision ; The Announcement and "Ideas Primary" ; Staffing the Campaign ; The New Hampshire Primary: Vertigo ; Competitors, Issues and Style ; The Manhattan Project and the Veep ; The Democratic National Convention and the Bus Tour ; The General Election Campaign--Clinton vs. George H. W. Bush ; The View from the Other Side ; The Transition to Governing ; Part II: Domestic and Economic Policy ; Out of the Gate: Deciding What to Do First ; The 1993 Budget and the Stimulus Package ; NAFTA ; Health Care ; Welfare Reform ; A Domestic Reform President ; Part III: Foreign Policy ; A New Foreign Policy for a New World Order ; Haiti ; Africa ; The Balkans ; Northern Ireland ; Bill Clinton and the World ; With Foreign Leaders ; Part IV: Politics and the Clinton White House ; Inside the Washington Community ; Republican Revolution--and Recovery ; The Re-election and Productive Middle Years, 1996-97 ; Scandals--and Impeachment ; Part V: Bill Clinton and His Team ; Clinton's Intellect ; Clinton's Operating Style ; The Man in the Office ; Al Gore ; Hillary ; White House Staff ; Epilogue: Observations on the Clinton Legacy ; Appendix: Clinton Presidential History Project
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