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The Routledge handbook of global public policy and administration
Éditeur Routledge
Année 2016
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The Routledge handbook of global public policy and administration
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Public policy and administration in an era of globalization / Thomas R. Klassen, Denita Cepiku and T.J. Lah ; Public policy and adminstration in an era of regulatory capitalism / Graeme Hodge ; Public policy and administration in an era of privatization / Carina Schmitt ; Public policy and administration in an era of austerity : rethinking local public services / Stephen J. Bailey ; Public policy and adminstration in an era of expansion : China, South Korea and Hong Kong / T.J. Lah, Yijia Jing and Peter T.Y. Cheung ; Revolution, terrorism and governance in the Middle East / Alexander Dawoody ; Participate or be punished : administrative responses to protest / Christoper Tapscott ; Public corruption : causes, consequences, and cures / Cheol Liu ; Trust in public organizations / Yoon Jik Cho ; Global aging : understanding its challenges / Masa Higo ; Public policy and administration : tradition, history and reforms / Edoarado Ongaro ; Decentred policymaking and regulatory finance / Ian Roberge and Heather Mckeen-Edwards ; Collaborative governance / Denita Cepik ; Citizen co-production of public services : meanings, processes, antecedents and consequences / John Alford ; Democracy and citizens' engagement / Reto Steiner and Claire Kaiser ; The public policy context for risk governance and social innovation / Sarah-Sophie Flemig and Stephen Osborne ; Governance change across policy sectors and nations / Jenny M. Lewis ; Devolution and federalism / Owen E. Hughes ; Emergency and crisis management : the Soma Mine accident case, Turkery / Fatih Demiroz and Naim Kapucu ; Regulatory reform and the better regulation agenda : traveling from center to periphery / Alketa Peci ; Global health / Eduardo Missoni ; Global cultural heritage policies and their management : the case of Italian UNESCO world heritage sites / Marianna Elmi and Alessandro Hinna ; Resilience in public administration : moving from risk avoidance to assuring public policy outcomes / Tony Bovaird and Barry Quirk ; The changing roles of politicians and public servants / Robert Shepherd, Christopher Stoney and Lori Turnbull ; Strategic management and public governance in the public sector / Paul Joyce ; Performance management in public administration / Denita Cepiku ; Public policies promoting performance management : Australia and the United States / Joshua L. Osowski and Sanjay K. Pandey ; The role of policy capacity in policy success and failure / M. Ramesh and Michael Howlett ; The program evaluation function : uncertain governance and effects / Robert Shepherd ; Motivation in the public sector / Adrian Ritz, Oliver Neumann, Wouter Vandenabeele ; Public budgeting from a managerial perspective / Riccardo Mussari ; The road ahead for public procurement in Europe : is there life after the directives? / Giulia Di Pierro and Gustavo Piga ; Korean e-government in a social media environment : prospects and challenges / M. Jae Moon
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