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Campaigning for justice : human rights advocacy in practice
Éditeur Stanford University Press
Année cop. 2013
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Campaigning for justice : human rights advocacy in practice
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Campaigning to stop the use of child soldiers ; Organizing for decent work for domestic workers : the ILO Convention ; Defeating the election of human rights abusers to the UN Human Rights Council ; Working with UN special rapporteurs to end abuses ; Creating a new international priority : violence against children ; Bringing Charles Taylor to justice ; Seeking justice for the Abu Salim prison massacre ; Demanding accountability for war crimes in Sri Lanka ; Using new technologies in the campaign to free Tibet : the 2008 Beijing Olympics ; Organizing for LGBTI rights in Jamaica and Nepal ; Abolishing sentences of life without parole for juvenile offenders ; Lessons for the future
Résumé de l'éditeur : Advocates within the human rights movement have had remarkable success establishing new international laws, securing concrete changes in human rights policies and practices, and transforming the terms of public debate. The strategies these advocates have employed are not broadly shared or known. Campaigning for Justice addresses this gap to explain the how of the human rights movement. This book explores the strategies behind some of the most innovative human rights campaigns of recent years. Drawing on interviews with dozens of experienced human rights advocates, the book delves into local, regional, and international efforts to discover how advocates were able to address seemingly intractable abuses and secure concrete advances in human rights. These accounts provide a window into the way that human rights advocates conduct their work, their real-life struggles and challenges, the rich diversity of tools and strategies they employ, and ultimately, their courage and persistence in advancing human rights
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