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The handbook of global security policy
Éditeur John Wiley & Sons Inc.
Année 2014
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The handbook of global security policy
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The handbook of global security policy 2014, cop. 2014
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Introduction : global security policy in the 21st century / Mary Kaldor and Iavor Rangelov ; Global security / Ken Booth ; Security and social critique / David Mutimer ; Gender and security / Natasha Marhia ; Security policy and (global) risk(s) / Sabine Selchow ; Human security / Mary Kaldor ; Nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation / Maria Rost Rublee ; Terrorism and antiterrorism / Ekaterina Stepanova ; Genocide and large-scale human rights violations / Martin Shaw ; Transnational crime / John P. Sullivan ; Natural resources and insecurity / Anouk S. Rigterink ; The web of water security / Mark Zeitoun ; Civilian protection / Sarah Sewall ; Humanitarian assistance / Henry Radice ; The evolution of international peacekeeping / Renata Dwan ; State-building, nation-building and reconstruction / Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic, Denisa Kostovicova and David Rampton ; aStrengthening democratic governance in the security sector : the unfulfilled promise of security sector reform / Nicole Ball ; Diplomacy and mediation / Alvaro de Soto ; Global security and international law / Richard Falk ; Transitional justice / Iavor Rangelov and Ruti Teitel ; Reframing the use of force : the European Union as a security actor / Mary Martin ; China / May-Britt U. Stumbaum and Sun Xuefeng ; India as global security actor / Jivanta Schuttli and Markus Pauli ; Security agenda in Russia : academic concepts, political discourses and institutional practices / Andrey Makarychev ; Contextualizing global security : the case of Turkey / Aslı Calkıvik ; The United States / Adam Quinn ; Society in fragile contexts / Willemijn Verkoren and Mathijs van Leeuwen ; Protest and politics : how peace movements shape history / David Cortright ; Corporate actors / Shantanu Chakrabarti
This Handbook brings together 30 state-of-the-art essays covering the essential aspects of global security research and practice for the 21st century. Embraces a broad definition of security that extends beyond the threat of foreign military attack to cover new risks for violence. Offers comprehensive coverage framed around key security concepts, risks, policy tools, and global security actors. Discusses pressing contemporary issues including terrorism, disarmament, genocide, sustainability, international peacekeeping, state-building, natural disasters, energy and food security, climate change, and cyber warfare. Includes insightful and accessible contributions from around the world aimed at a broad base of scholars, students, practitioners, and policymakers
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