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Black French women and the struggle for equality, 1848-2016
Éditeur University of Nebraska Press
Année copyright 2018
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Black French women and the struggle for equality, 1848-2016
1 vol. (XX-270 pages) : couv. ill. en coul. ; 23 cm
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Classification Dewey
Foreword / T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting ; Introduction : Marianne is also Black / Félix Germain and Silyane Larcher ; Part 1. Black women in politics and society ; P. 3 ; Originaire women and political life in Senegal's four communes / Hilary Jones ; P. 19 ; Christiane Taubira, a Black woman in politics in French Guiana and in France / Stéphanie Guyon ; P. 37 ; A passion for justice : the role of women in the Aliker case / Monique Milia-Marie-Luce ; Part 2. Feminist and postcolonial movements for equality ; P. 51 ; French Caribbean feminism in the postdepartmentalization era / Félix Germain ; P. 69 ; The end of silence : on the revival of Afrofeminism in contemporary France / Silyane Larcher ; P. 89 ; Gerty Archimède and the struggle for decolonial citizenship in the French Antilles, 1946-51 / Annette K. Joseph-Gabriel ; Part 3. Respectability, resistance, and transnational identities ; P. 109 ; A Black woman's life in the struggle : Jean McNair in France / Tyler Stovall ; P. 129 ; Am I my sister's keeper? The politics of propriety and the fight for equality in the works of French Antillean women writers, 1920s-40s / Jacqueline Couti ; P. 149 ; Between respectability and resistance : French Caribbean women confronted by masculine domination during the second half of the twentieth century / Stéphanie Mulot and Nadine Lefaucheur ; Part 4. The dialectics between body, nation, and representation ; P. 169 ; Media and the politics of "re-presentation" of the Black female body / Sarah Fila-Bakabadio ; P. 185 ; Shaking the racial and gender foundations of France : the influences of "Sarah Baartmann" in the production of Frenchness / Robin Mitchell ; Part 5. Black women critique the "empire" ; P. 201 ; Discourse on immigration : Fatou Diome's commitment to human rights in The belly of the Atlantic / Joseph Diémé ; P. 215 ; Remapping the metropolis : theorizing Black women's subjectivities in interwar Paris / Claire Oberon Garcia ; P. 237 ; Social imaginaries in tension? The women of Cameroon's battle for equal rights under French rule at the turn of the 1940s-50s / Rose Ndengue
"Black French Women and the Struggle for Equality, 1848-2016 explores how Black women--in France, the French Caribbean, Réunion Island, Gorée, Dakar, Rufisque, and Saint-Louis--experienced and reacted to French colonialism" (ed.)
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