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Gender in human rights and transitional justice
Éditeur Palgrave Macmillan
Année copyright 2018
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Gender in human rights and transitional justice
1 vol. (xix-272 pages) ; 22 cm
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Classification Dewey
Gender in human rights and transitional justice ; Feminism during social and political repression in Egypt: making or breaking resistance through legal activism ; Power, prejudice and transitional constitution-making In Kenya:the gender of law and religious politics in reproductive choice ; Civil society and the regulation of laws against gender violence in Timor-Leste ; Addressing violence against women through legislative reform in states transitioning from the Arab Spring ; Human rights frameworks and women's rights in post-transitional justice Sierra Leone ; Engendering Justice: the promotion of women in post-conflict and post-transitional criminal justice institutions ; Justice and reparations policies in Peru and Argentine: towards the de-legitimization of sexual violence ; Women between war Scylla and nationalist Charybdis: legal interpretations of sexual violence in countries of former Yugoslavia
"This volume counters one-sided dominant discursive representations of gender in human rights and transitional justice, and women's place in the transformations of neoliberal human rights, and contributes a more balanced examination of how transitional justice and human rights institutions, and political institutions impact the lives and experiences of women. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the contributors to this volume theorize and historicize the place of women's rights (and gender), situating it within contemporary country-specific political, legal, socio-cultural and global contexts. Chapters examine the progress and challenges facing women (and women's groups) in transitioning countries: from Peru to Argentina, from Kenya to Sierra Leone, and from Bosnia to Sri Lanka, in a variety of contexts, attending especially to the relationships between local and global forces" (ed.)
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