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Routledge handbook of Chinese security
Éditeur Routledge
Année 2017
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Routledge handbook of Chinese security
1 vol. (XV-376 pages) : ill., carte, graph. ; 25 cm
Bibliogr. partielle en fin de chapitres. Notes bibliogr. Index
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355.033 051
Introduction : China's security perspective / Lowell Dittmer ; Part I. Chinese National Security. The historical legacy of Chinese security policy / Yuan-kang Wang ; Marxist ideology, revolutionary legacy and their impact on China's security policy / Maochun Yu ; Economics and security in China / Marc Lanteigne ; China's non-traditional security / Patricia Thornton ; Part II. Geostrategic Perspectives. Section A: The Great Powers. China and the United States: common and contested interests / Christopher Twomey ; Russia and Chinese security / Yu-Shan Wu ; Security dimensions of China's relations with Japan / June Teufel Dreyer ; China as "offshore balancer" and South Asia's regional security complex / Enze Han and Lawrence Saez ; Section B: Regional Security. Courting the LDCs : how partnerships with post-colonial governments became a top CCP security interest / Edward Friedman ; China's security and the Arctic / Linda Jakboson ; Security dimensions of China's relations with the Korean Peninsula / Jinwook Choi ; Taiwan and Chinese security / Jean-Pierre Cabestan ; Section C: Collective Security. The United Nations and Chinese security / Liselotte Odgaard ; The paper partnership: security in Sino-European relations / Jonathan Holslag ; Central Asia and China's security policy / Niklas Swanström ; China's securitization of the South China Sea dispute / Daniel Lynch ; Part III. China's Security Forces. Section A: The PLA Army. The PLA Army / Dennis J. Blasko ; The Chinese Air Force and Chinese security / Kenneth Allen and Jana Allen ; China's "fortress fleet" comes of age / James R. Holmes ; The Second Artillery and nuclear forces in 2014 / Richard D. Fisher, Jr. ; Section B: China's Evolving Space Capabilities. China's evolving space capabilities: implications for US interests / Mark Stokes and Ian Easton ; Section C : China's Security in the Information Age. China's security in the information age / Greg Austin
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