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Beyond Shariati : modernity, cosmopolitanism, and Islam in Iranian political thought
Éditeur Cambridge University Press
Année 2017
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Beyond Shariati : modernity, cosmopolitanism, and Islam in Iranian political thought
1 vol. (vi, 213 pages) ; 24 cm
Bibliogr. pages 181-202. Index
Classification Dewey
Introduction; ; Unsettling a Hegemonic Paradigm; ; The Life and Legacy of a Radical Islamic Thinker; ; Islam and Modernity through the Lens of Dialogical Comparison; ; Chapters' Summaries ; 1 Postrevolutionary Readings of a Revolutionary Islamic Discourse; ; Revolution, Ideology, and the "Geography of Discourse"; ; Shariati as the Ideologue of the 1979 Revolution; ; An Unfinished Project of "Indigenous Modernity" ; 2 Islamic Thought in Encounter with Colonial Modernity; ; What Is in a Term?; ; Responses to an Encounter; Islamic Modernism; ; IslamismReformism; ; Contesting Genealogies of Emergent Islamic Modernities ; 3 A Postcolonial Discourse of Public Religion; ; Reworking the Religious/Secular Binary;^ ; "Islamic Protestantism" as a Methodology of Bottom-Up Change; ; Progressive Public Religion under Islamist Ascendancy; ; Neo-Shariatis and Islamic Liberalism ; 4 The Enlightenment Subject and a Religiously Mediated Subjectivity; ; The Philosophical Foundations of an Islamic Discourse; ; Modern Subjectivity and the Mediated Subject; Secularization and the "Myth" of the Enlightenment; ; The Descent: A Theistic Narrative of Subjectivity; ; Religious Ontology and the Rights-Bearing Subject ; 5 Orientalism, Occidentalism, and the Civilizational Framework; ; Civilization as a Critique of Westernization; ; The Civilizational Framework Revisited; Civilizational Analysis in Neo-Shariati Thought; ; Reworking the Framework ; Conclusion: A Postcolonial Reclaiming of Islam and Modernity; Indigenous Modernity and the Post-Islamist Turn; Indigenization and the Quest for Universalism from Below
A new reading of Ali Shariati's intellectual legacy on Iranian political discourse and concepts of Islam and modernity
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